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This section will contain our news, announcements, staff info, faction info, and important links. It is currently Under Construction! Our site, however, is open for role-play. Come join our Discord and chat with us!

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The sun is shining and the air is warm almost all over Drift. Treakr to the north is dropping in temperature in preparation for the winter freeze, while the forested jungle territories to the south remain hot and uncomfortable. The central territories are seeing the dry season slowly coming to an end, though the rainy season is still at a bit of a distance and prey have wandered off to the more fruitful territories for the foreseeable future.

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  • Rules of Drift

    Basic Rules
    1. No desperatism, no god-modding, and no powerplaying without the permission of the other character’s player. We ask that you also do not have your own characters be mates with one another.
    2. No metagaming. You cannot use out of character information in-character. Basically, just because you as the player know something, it does not mean that your character will know it IC.
    3. We prefer posts at least 200 words or longer, though this is a soft requirement (meaning that shorter posts are allowed, but not preferred by most of our members).
    4. Please do not post in-character until a staff member has accepted your character biography.
    5. Drift is a one-account-per-character site, meaning that each character you make must have an account created specifically for it. You will also need a "main account" that you will post your Out of Character posts with (plotter, adoptions, etc). In your account settings, you can connect your accounts to easily switch between them without having to log out and then back in!

    Rating Rules
    1. Drift does not restrict content to any particular rating level. We do adapt to the RPG Rating System to forum content in order to allow members to filter their preferred content level. Please see for further explanation.
    2. Any thread that exceeds a 2 on the scale for any facet of the scale requires a warning on the thread in order to advise others of the content. Please use the appropriate warning on your thread as some members are not comfortable with explicit, mature, adult, or graphic content.
    3. Threads including strong sexual content should include the [explicit] tag. Excessive violence should be tagged with [graphic]. Language should be used at the writer’s discretion. If a thread adheres to one or more of these tags, please just label the thread with a general [mature] tag.

    Out of Character
    1. Please note that the Administrators of Drift reserve the right to terminate membership for any reason without warning. In addition to this rule, we request that our members avoid integrating off-site drama and controversy into our role-playing community.
    2. Please treat the Discord with respect. We reserve the right to ban any members for any reason. This is a privilege and the Administrators do not have to justify why a ban has occurred.
    3. Drift is not a dating site or social media site. Please do not share your personal information with anyone, and do not ask for personal information from anyone. Do not share your passwords or account information.

    Account Guidelines
    1. Your first account should be your Out of Character Account. This account will be for plotting pages, private messages, graphic threads, requests, and more! Please post ALL non-IC posts with this account.

    Time Guidelines
    1. Drift uses liquid time. This means that your character can be in multiple threads at once, but we do require that they have a general timeline that makes sense.
    2. Ideally they take place in a linear form that has a beginning and an ultimate end.
    3. However, within the use of liquid time on Drift, you will be expected to be reasonable with the travel times and locations of your threads.
    4. You may have as many active threads as you want, though if they remain inactive for too long, they will be archived to keep the forum updated and clean. Please keep a general timeline for your threads that makes sense with your character's plots and locations!
    5. Offspring will age based on their species. See Acceptable Species for more information.

    Breeding Rules
    1. Group leaders will be allowed to create their own faction-specific breeding requirements. Within a faction, your character must adhere to these rules or face the consequences laid out by group leadership.
    2. Forced breeding is allowed. However, it must be discussed out of character between the two users beforehand and consented to OOC.
    3. All litters will be rolled by a staff member to determine how many offspring there will be and what traits they will inherit.
    4. There are no set rules to assigning adopters to offspring. The role-players of the parent characters have sole discretion on how these offspring are adopted and who adopts them.
    5. Each character involved in a mating thread must have a minimum of 20 IC posts in order to conceive offspring.
    6. Biographies for offspring must be posted before midnight on the night before they become playable. Any character without a biography at this time will be considered deceased. Parents of offspring may place a biography in the adoptables board and consider the character still up for adoption before this deadline if necessary.