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Welcome to Drift!

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11/08/20: A mysterious disease seems to be targeting the plant life all throughout Drift. Decay and rot is breaking down trees and small sections of forest in many different places. Meanwhile, a new pack has begun to rise within Idaith while the Assyr pride begins to falter and slowly disappear within Veyr. Winter will be upon the continent soon, but what does this disease mean for the creatures that call this place home? Mysterious sounds and small quakes seem to be happening occasionally when no witnesses are present to see their source. Could they somehow be releated to the disease or are the creatures of Drift destined to be confronted with multiple dangers when the snow begins to fall?



The skies have begun to darken with autumn rains during the day and the nighttime temperatures are starting to plummet. Mornings outside of the desert lands are greeted by frozen dew and fog, and leaves have begun to change colors and fall from the trees. Winter is quickly approaching and with it comes unknown dangers. There is strength in numbers, but what about those that have no place to call home?

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    by Published on 04-01-2020 08:27 PM
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    When the crystals fell, they brought with them different powers and abilities. To control and contain these powers, Zoldor himself created the Gods and Goddesses. These six creatures each protect and administer different gifts and abilities from each of the three crystals.

    Note: The abilities listed below are not a requirement. They are mostly for the purposes of fight mediation as well as a guideline for players. Your character may practice and master variations of the abilities listed below as well as others as long as the staff approves.

    Creatures with Physical abilities are often faster and stronger than those without. It is not uncommon for them to grow larger than their speciesís average size, and they may be gifted horns and other physical features that are not part of their species. These creatures often excel when it comes to the use of physical force and speed, and it is not uncommon for those within the physical spectrum of abilities to take on warrior or protector roles within their chosen factions. These creatures may also be gifted wings by the dragon Vedeir, and can occasionally be given other gifts by the god if they are loyal enough.

    The Guardian of the Physical crystal is a brown dragon named Vedeir. Upon first glance a creature might not notice the creature, and though he stands about a quarter of the size of the Origin Dragons he is still quite a large beast. He easily blends into his surroundings in the mountains of Idaith near where the Physical Crystal landed. His eyes are deep, harrowing silver, and it is rare that the beast speaks but when he does his voice is booming and so deep that it shakes the earth around him.

    views himself as a benevolent god, and he believes himself to be fair and wise. He bestows abilities based on a creature's merit and trustworthiness typically. He demands respect, but once it is given he is rather calm and can be kind as well. He prefers to keep to himself, often avoiding the other gods and remaining near the physical crystal as often as possible.

    Innate Abilities

    • Horns, antlers, claw mutations, etc grow over time after ability activation.
    • Thermal Vision: User can see the heat signatures of creatures in the surrounding area for up to 30 seconds.
    • Growth - Creatures blessed with Physical abilities grow larger and physically stronger than those of other abilities.

    Novice Abilities
    • Hybrid: Temporarily become a hybridized reptile, gaining the ability to camouflage and increase self-regeneration speed.
    • Archangel: Spectral wings sprout from the user, shielding them from nearly all harm.
    • Vampiric Fangs: Fangs grow extra long, and drinking the blood of others of their species heals them slightly.

    Average Abilities
    • Dark Archangel: Shadowy wings painfully sprout from the user, flinging dark, razor-sharp spikes at the target.
    • Poison Blood: If another wolf ingests the blood of the user, they become extremely ill and poisoned over time.
    • Regeneration: Passively regenerate all wounds, cure disease, heals scars, and regrow lost limbs slowly over time.

    Master Abilities
    • Reborn: Resurrection of another target or self once per combat after dying.
    • Echolocation: Use enhanced hearing to target anything within a range of 50 feet from the user.
    • Prehensile Tail: The spine of the user becomes fortified,
    by Published on 02-19-2019 09:02 PM
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    In the beginning there was darkness.

    The world of Drift began far from the land of Earth. A small planet, tucked in a far away galaxy orbiting a small sun similar to that of Earthís developed over millions of years to sustain life. No one knows exactly how the species and life began to develop here, but over time three different dominant species began to evolve and grow in this paradise of a world. The Mythics were the first to develop, in the form of dragons, pegasus and hippogryphs. They were rare and small in number, but they aided in developing the world we now know Drift to be.

    But then something crashed to the planet.

    Crystals, massive and glowing faintly, fell from the skies and altered the massive land mass into several different continents. The crystals, however, had landed on the main continent. This large stretch of land came to be known as Drift by the creatures that lived there, and overtime these crystals began to develop changes among them. The Blue crystal came to be known as the Psychic Crystal as those that were born and created near to it developed Psychic abilities. The Green crystal came to be known as the Kinetic Crystal as those were born and created near to it developed Kinetic abilities. The Red crystal came to be known as the Physical Crystal as those that were born and created near to it developed unique Physical abilities.

    Every species, however, seemed to have an affinity for one of these three ability categories.

    The Lupus, Beiti, and Dragons are predisposed to Physical abilities because of their ancestral proximity to the Physical Crystal. The Aureus, Aurata, and Hippogryphs are predisposed to Kinetic abilities. Finally the Vulpes, Diardi, and Pegasus are predisposed to Psychic abilities. Because of their heritage and ancestral development in close proximity to the three crystals. Those that were created before the great shift obtained their abilities from the crystals themselves, finding that the closer they came to their crystal, the stronger their abilities became.
    by Published on 02-12-2019 08:12 PM
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    Basic Rules
    1. No desperatism, no god-modding, and no powerplaying without the permission of the other characterís player. We ask that you also do not have your own characters be mates with one another.
    2. No metagaming. You cannot use out of character information in-character. Basically, just because you as the player know something, it does not mean that your character will know it IC.
    3. We prefer posts at least 200 words or longer, though this is a soft requirement (meaning that shorter posts are allowed, but not preferred by most of our members).
    4. Please do not post in-character until a staff member has accepted your character biography.
    5. Drift is a one-account-per-character site, meaning that each character you make must have an account created specifically for it. You will also need a "main account" that you will post your Out of Character posts with (plotter, adoptions, etc). In your account settings, you can connect your accounts to easily switch between them without having to log out and then back in!

    Rating Rules
    1. Drift does not restrict content to any particular rating level. We do adapt to the RPG Rating System to forum content in order to allow members to filter their preferred content level. Please see rpgrating.com for further explanation.
    2. Any thread that exceeds a 2 on the scale for any facet of the scale requires a warning on the thread in order to advise others of the content. Please use the appropriate warning on your thread as some members are not comfortable with explicit, mature, adult, or graphic content.
    3. Threads including strong sexual content should include the [explicit] tag. Excessive violence should be tagged with [graphic]. Language should be used at the writerís discretion. If a thread adheres to one or more of these tags, please just label the thread with a general [mature] tag.

    Out of Character
    1. Please note that the Administrators of Drift reserve the right to terminate membership for any reason without warning. In addition to this rule, we request that our members avoid
    by Published on 01-26-2019 08:09 PM
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    Article Preview

    Base Species: Wolf/Coyote

    Affinity: Physical

    Appearance & Traits: This species has the general physical build of a Wolf or Coyote. Their ears are generally large and rounded at the tip, with tufts of fur within them to keep dirt and debris out. Their fur is thick and they are suited for typically colder climates. As they have a genetic affinity for Physical abilities, they may have antlers, horns, or claw mutations that will grow slowly over time as the character grows. They are considered large species and stand at 34-50 inches at the shoulder and weigh 100-250 pounds.

    Lifespan & Aging: Lupus typically live up to 16 years. They are considered 'pups' or 'youth' until they reach the age of 2 years and reach sexual maturity at 3 years of age.
    • Every month OOC = 3 months IC
    • 1 month OOC = 3 months IC
    • 2 months OOC = 6 months IC
    • 3 months OOC = 9 months IC
    • 4 months OOC = 12 months IC (one year of age)
    • 5 months OOC = 15 months IC
    • 6 months OOC = 18 months IC
    • 7 months OOC = 21 months IC
    • 8 months OOC = 24 months IC (2 years of age, adulthood)
    • 9 months OOC = 27 months IC
    • 10 months OOC = 30 months IC
    • 11 months OOC = 33 months IC
    • 12 months OOC = 36 months IC (3 years of age, sexual maturity)

    Reproduction: If the mother is in a faction and protected, reproduction issues are rare. However, outside of a faction/group, harsh living conditions and stress often result in stillborns and dangerous births. Litter size is typically 1-3 offspring.

    Base Species: Dog

    Affinity: Kinetic

    Appearance & Traits: This species has the general physical build of a domestic dog. The dog breeds range from rather tiny to rather large. The way their bodies are shaped and designed are based solely upon the genetics of their species. For example: Labradors will have folded ears, while German Shepherds will have pointy ears. They do not have any physical attributes that show their abilities, unlike the Lupus creatures, but they can shape-shift into any form they wish. The after affects of the shift can be near fatal, if not careful. It will cause them pain and they will not be able to shift again for sometime. They will require rest and shelter. They are considered a medium sized species and stand at 19-36 inches at the shoulder and typically weigh 25-130 pounds.

    Lifespan & Aging: Aureus typically live up to 18 years. They are considered 'pups' or 'youth' until they reach the age of 1 year and reach sexual maturity at 2 years of age.
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