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Pardon our dust. We are currently working on updating our site-layout and design! We are open for Roleplay, however, so pop into the discord and say hello! Check out our Guidebook for basic information on the site and do not hesitate to ask our staff if you have any questions. We are a friendly group of people that enjoy writing together (and perhaps creating some juicy in-character drama) and we would love for you to join us!

Welcome to Drift!

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11/08/20: A mysterious disease seems to be targeting the plant life all throughout Drift. Decay and rot is breaking down trees and small sections of forest in many different places. Meanwhile, a new pack has begun to rise within Idaith while the Assyr pride begins to falter and slowly disappear within Veyr. Winter will be upon the continent soon, but what does this disease mean for the creatures that call this place home? Mysterious sounds and small quakes seem to be happening occasionally when no witnesses are present to see their source. Could they somehow be releated to the disease or are the creatures of Drift destined to be confronted with multiple dangers when the snow begins to fall?



The skies have begun to darken with autumn rains during the day and the nighttime temperatures are starting to plummet. Mornings outside of the desert lands are greeted by frozen dew and fog, and leaves have begun to change colors and fall from the trees. Winter is quickly approaching and with it comes unknown dangers. There is strength in numbers, but what about those that have no place to call home?

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    All official Factions and Groups must have a Group page posted in this forum. All information, statistics, and ranks must be maintained by the Leader and thread-creator. Staff are not responsible for maintaining or monitoring rank changes, updates, or plots.

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  2. This is where all offspring requests and offspring adoption threads will take place. Please follow the mother and father form when applying for a roll. All offspring adoptions must be carried out solely at the discretion of the players of the parents.

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  3. Looking for a pre-made character? Can't hold onto one of your characters and want to find it a new home instead of killing them off? This is where to go! All adoptions must follow the site rules, and adopters are chosen by those that originally created the character.

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  4. This is where all plotters and trackers will be located. You may place a thread for a single plot you are looking for, though please make sure to have it deleted by a staff member once you have found someone to plot with!

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