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Thread: Terrea: a role play site, pet site, breeding game and more!

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    Terrea: a role play site, pet site, breeding game and more!

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    Terrea is a mix between a sandbox fantasy role play, a pet site, and something like Spore. :3

    On our site, you'll raise, play as, upgrade, and shape a mochi-like blobling into any creature your heart desires! Do you want to play a talking flower with a mischievous side? We support you. Do you want to play a wolf with a lion's mane? Cool. We can help you. Do you want to play a base blobling, but with a tuft of hair and stars all over its skin? Hell yeah.

    Once you're happy with your blobling, you can start breeding it with other people's creatures to form strange and exciting hybrids.

    Play through the rise of a new world after an apocalyptic-level event has forced a reset. Build the world from the ground up and engage in a rules-light role play that encourages creativity over crunch. Help decide what sorts of plants and animals will populate the planet. Worship the God of Death!

    We can offer you...

    - An active community, with friendly members and staff.
    - Complete creative freedom over how your character looks.
    - Monthly writing and art prompts.
    - Monthly quests.
    - On-site Coins that can be used to purchase things in the on-site shop!
    - A genuine impact on the site and how things play out.
    - In the future, a pet taming system.
    - Also in the future, a magic system that covers both role play and combat options!
    - A listening ear.
    - Friendship?

    These are just some of the creatures that are possible in the world of Terrea.

    As you can see, just as long as it’s not too inappropriate, anything goes!


    "These are your cute little bloblings! Make whatever you want! Worship the god of Death! Breed with your blood!" - Saerfall.
    “Definitely looking forward to getting in on this, I'll finally have somewhere I can build and RP my misunderstood tentebeast without it clashing with the world-build!” - CosmicDragon.
    “i want to buy a neck” - Krepta.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to have you!

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    Re: Terrea: a role play site, pet site, breeding game and more!

    Linked Back. Thank you!

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