Typically she preferred to watch her creations from above, almost as if watching over them and keeping them safe from a distance. But she truly did little for them that way. Of the three dragons, it was surprising that she was the one that spent the least amount of time with the 'mortals' as they called them. The three dragons lived on forever, typically seeing generations live and die with little to no impact on their lives. But occasionally, on a day like that day, she came down from the heavens and walked on the earth among her creations. Then again, she had chosen this time to land in an area that she knew very few of the mortal creatures would venture into. Treakr was tucked away in the far northern areas of Drift, and in the winters it was nearly impossible to reach. But this was the place where she knew the Psychic crystal had fallen and where Zoldor used to seek it to drain it of it's power. But he had ceased to visit the large crystal, and for that she was surprisingly grateful. Zoldor believed it would lead the mortal to ruin or the end of their world, but Genesis did not believe the same. She was certain that her creations would overcome the power and grow stronger because of it. Still, she could not help but worry about them occasionally.

Her wings flapped softly against the air as she flew in circles above the prairie for several minutes, and eventually she dipped her long neck down so that she could land gracefully among the tall grass and flowers. Her pale head lowered towards the ground, and she closed her eyes for several moments as she inhaled deeply and enjoyed the scent that came along with the flowers around her. Zoldor had helped those flowers grow, but she supposed that she had helped give them life. They had worked partially in tandem, and they had created beauty among her creations. It took her only a few moments to shrink her form down to what would typically be the size of a Drage, the largest of the equine species that roamed the lands Zoldor had formed. It was rare that she enjoyed the company of others, and typically Zoldor was wandering somewhere and she had not seen Paradox for what seemed like ages. When she finished breathing in the flowers, her eyes opened and she lifted her head slowly. Her furred coat ruffled lightly in the breeze as it blew around her, and her orchid eyes scanned her surroundings for any signs of life.

It appeared she was alone for the time being, so she began to walk slowly and explore the prairie she had landed in. She had visited every place on Drift many times over the thousands of years she had been alive, and she had memorized practically every inch of their world. There was more than the mortals she watched over knew, but she and the other two dragons remained close to the three crystals to keep an eye on their development and their impact on her creations. When she reached the edge of the prairie she turned, moving along the border slowly and observing the grasses and flowers from a distance. It was interesting how they looked different from every angle. She wondered what they would seem like if she was tiny, smaller than the smallest that ruled the lands she now walked on. But for the time being, she retained her Drage size, preferring to be ready in case anything were to surprise her while she was out roaming and exploring on her own.

(Open to anyone. Looking to get Genesis out there more!)