Mint had no home, no family, no place to go. She had been forced out of her old pride not because the new males that took over did not want her. No, she had been forced out because they did. It had been the rest of the females, her mother included, that had forced her out before her first heat. She was not innocent in the ways of males and females, but she had never carried a litter of her own before. Though her heat was long over, she could swear that any time she came near a male of her species it plagued her once more. Perhaps that was just the way her body was meant to work, for she was certain she was only built to create beautiful cubs and build the strength of a pride. But she had no pride. She had no home. She had no one. Her mint green paws carried her slowly through the open land of Veyr, wishing that she had chosen a more secluded and sheltered place full of green beauty that could hide her vibrant coat. But she did not. She had come to this place hoping that there would be others, hoping that there would be someone that would accept her and adore her like the males had in her previous pride.

But when she neared the Watering Hole, she was still alone. She sighed loudly and moved forward, pausing at the edge of the water to look carefully across the surface. She knew there was a pride that was attempting to take over the lands nearby, but she had yet to see or meet any of them. She had picked up scents of a male marking the borders, but so far there had only been one. She longed to see him, to see if the stories of his unique coat were true, but she never managed to catch a glimpse. But it was not other Diardi that she was looking for on the water. No, she looked for other predators, dangers that could kill even a large feline like herself. She did not know their name, but she knew that they had long mouths filled with powerful teeth and strong jaws that could rip her to shreds if she did not watch her step. So for several moments she waited, standing off the edge of the water and scanning in search of any sign of them. From what she could tell she could see only a log or two floating in the distance, and eventually she chanced a step forward to drink.

Her head lowered and her tongue flicked out of it, drinking whatever she could in the short time she gave herself to do so. She was not an idiot, she knew the dangers of drinking too long at an unknown watering hole. And she was proven right only seconds later. She had thankfully gotten just enough to drink when a massive scaled creature threw itself out of the water at her, jaws open wide and ready to grab at any part of her that she could not pull away fast enough. She snarled in surprise and anger as she flung herself backwards, scrambling away from the water and striking out with a paw. Her claws were sharp and outstretched, scraping at whatever flesh she could meet as she snarled another threat at the creature that had landed in front of her. It was enormous, perhaps even more so than herself, and it held itself low to the ground so it's belly scraped against the dry earth there. It had seemingly given up on her, and she kept her distance for several moments hissing threats in the direction of the water before she turned and left the monster to retreat back into the murky liquid.

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