OOC account name: @Vix

Character Name: Blythe

Character Gender: Female

Character Birthdate: March 1st, 2017

Character Species: Vulpes

Character Height: 20 inches

Character Weight: 36 pounds

Primary Coat Colors: White, Grey

Secondary Coat Colors: Blue, Pink

Eye Color: Pink-Blue

Character Class: Psychic

Character Personality:
All in all, Blythe prefers to remain a mystery to most. She is not one to speak frequently, and thanks to her Psychic affinity, she does not need to often anyways. There is a confidence to the female that needs no words, but a mere look will tell most that she is not one to be messed with. Though her coat is pale and lightly colored, she does not show herself often. In fact, she often keeps to the shadows and the fog, watching all that is happening before she decides whether or not it is worthy of her attention and interaction. Those that she chooses to mingle with are truly blessed, for this female is a wonder to behold and can be rather charming when the mood suits her. She can be friendly when she wants to be, and cruel when the need arises. She is a vulpes of many faces, and no one quite knows exactly which is the truth. This is, of course, how she prefers to live her life.

She rarely allows herself to become close to anyone, but when she does she is fiercely loyal and will protect those she loves with her life. And she does love, just perhaps not like most. She can love for long periods, for brief moments, or even forever. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to her emotions and her feelings, and yet somehow the beautiful vulpes knows exactly what to say and do in almost every situation. She is rarely caught off guard, and perhaps backing her into a corner is not the wisest feat to attempt. She is a ferocious fighter even for one so small, and it is clear her crafts are practiced carefully and frequently to prepare for anything she may come across.

Character History:
Perhaps Blythe's history is a mystery to even herself, for she does not speak often of her past. To know her is to take the time to grow close to her, to gain her trust to get her to open up and share. And there are few with which she shares. Perhaps this was because of her beginnings, though she does not speak of even those. All that is known is that she had a family once, maybe even twice. But she does not speak of them. No names, no descriptions, no memories. Her past is her own to keep secret, and most can only guess at what created the unique female that she became. She had a mother. She had a father. There were siblings, but none know how many or of what genders. She has let slip from time to time that she traveled throughout as much of the world as she could, gaining knowledge and experience in any way, shape, and form possible. She knows as much as anyone that has not met the dragons does, and she makes it a point to learn as much of Drift's history and beginnings as possible.

But she was young. There was still much she did not know. But that would not stop her. She remained determined to explore, until she found the main continent of Drift. Here she saw dragons flying, changing the landscape, altering the powers of the crystals. She even ventured to each crystal herself, though she only felt a connection with one. It was hidden high in the cliffs of Treakr, the mysterious land of the dragons. This, of course, only drew her more towards it. It took her weeks before she found it, and when she did she stayed for many months. For a long time she dreaded leaving the magnificent gem, marveling in it until she finally gathered up the courage to make physical contact. A sharp and horrendous pain ran through her form, rendering her motionless and yet still trembling slightly. She seemed frozen in time, almost as if in a trance as her world spun and everything changed.

Nothing was the same after that moment. She began to feel the emotions of those around her at first. It began with simply a strange feeling, an emotion so out of place it could not belong to her. She explored these feelings carefully, eventually placing them on others and working out their reasoning behind them. This helped her begin to understand others better, though it still did not bring her a connection that she sought. But perhaps she did not really want to connect to anyone. Either way, her skills grew the more she pushed herself into the lives of others. Soon she could read brief thoughts, but at first they were only jumbles of emotions and words. It took her weeks to sort them out and learn how to focus harder without alerting her target of her presence in their minds. But through this, she also learned the value of privacy. Not only was it important that she remain a mystery, sometimes it was also more exhilarating when others were somewhat of a mystery to her as well. But the temptation was always present. The limits of her powers unknown, she set out across Drift, seeking out more power and more answers to the many questions that continued to add to the inquisitive mind that never slept within her.

Character Description: