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Thread: Freedom

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    Re: Freedom

    It pleased the male to see that she did not resist him, and yet she also did not break her eyes away from his immediately when he initiated contact. He appreciated the respect she showed him so willingly, and perhaps the way that she carried herself with confidence and still managed to remain humble and feminine all at the same time was what intrigued him the most about her. He let his eyes follow her when he finally came to a stop, but as she moved closer and began to inspect his form like he had done hers, he let his green eyes close to enjoy the feeling of her breath and nose against his skin and fur. She was careful to ensure he remained properly groomed as her nose tousled his fur, and he inhaled deeply as she began to circle around him and her tail danced effortlessly past his face. She smelled wonderful, and it did not take much effort to pick up on the arousal that she did not seem to bother trying to hide. But he remained still even then, allowing her to finish her circle around him before he lifted his chin lightly as she rubbed against his neck and chest and brushed his nose with her tail. A small "mmm" sound left his jaws as she moved around him again, her front half seeming to lower as she inspected him much more closely.

    It was her next move that made his eyes finally open.

    The feeling of her breath on his red tip made him tense ever so slightly, but as her tongue swiped over the tip he let a soft groan escape his now slightly parted jaws. His patience and interest were being more than properly rewarded, and he let his attention shift to her tail that still danced only a few inches away from his face to his side. As more of his length slipped out to be caressed and encouraged further by her tongue, he lowered his chin and turned his head to press his nose beneath her tail so that he could inhale her sweet scent more deeply. Another soft groan left his jaws as she took his tip into her mouth and began to suck, drawing a slight and involuntary buck of his hips to push it somewhat further into her mouth before his own tongue swiped out to press against her entrance. She tasted just as sweet as she smelled, and he took his time coating her lips with his saliva before he finally pressed his tongue deeper inside of her. Before long he was lapping more hungrily at her, pressing his tongue further and further into her with each swipe it made out of his jaws. Before long he was humping her jaws slightly, and after several thrusts forward he finally pulled away from her and shifted to the side and out of her reach.

    Though he had allowed her to control their interaction up until that point, he could only hold himself back for so long. He back arched slightly as he stood tall and walked somewhat stiff-legged around her, nose pressing up her tail for a few more licks before he lifted his chin to rest it on top of her hips instead. He moved forward a few steps to nip gently at the fur along her back and sides as his chest pressed against her rear, forcing her tail up and to the side of her body. Then he reared up on his hind legs, trapping her tail between his foreleg and her side as he wrapped his paws around her waist and pulled her carefully beneath him. His jaws found her scruff, and his teeth closed around it gently for a moment until he was properly positioned to begin shifted his hips forward to prod in search of her entrance. It took him only a few thrusts before he found his target, and he pushed his hips forward with more enthusiasm as he released her scruff and carefully groomed the fur back into place. Then his head fell along the side of her neck as he gripped her hips tighter while he humped her and moaned softly in pleasure. It did not take long for his already fully extended and throbbing member to fill her, and he wasted no time in picking up his speed so that he was thrusting almost completely in and out of her. But though he could feel his knot already beginning to swell slightly at the base of his length, he was not nearly finished with her. Instead he forced himself to slow his thrusts, knowing for certain that he had allowed himself to get a bit carried away in his arousal. But who was he to blame? She was so unlike any other female he had ever met, and he was determined to explore her unique qualities for as long as possible.

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    Re: Freedom

    Myrina grinned as her ear caught the pleasured sounds of the brute that stood over her. Her diligent attentions to his quickly lengthening tool rewarded her more the larger it got. It had almost gotten to the point where the female was debating whether or not she may have bitten off more than she could chew, but all such thoughts were driven away as she felt the male shift above her and then felt his muzzle make its way underneath her tail. Myrina willingly, and eagerly, moved her tail out of his way, back legs spreading slightly to allow the blue canine full access to her caverns if he so wished it. The tri-colored female had her eyes closed as she focused on her task, moaning in pleasure as she suckled on the brute's tool almost as eagerly as a newborn pup suckling from it's mother for the first time and this drew a buck, although slight, from the figure above. The reaction brought a small smirk to the female's maw even as she stood there with the tip of his rod just barely rubbing against the back of her throat. Blessed was she for lacking a gag reflex, it was this fine detail that had drawn so many of the warriors of her natal pack to seek her out, particularly during the breeding season when they did not want to impregnate their toys but still needed release... at that time, Myrina had been more than happy to help them out should they trade some time sparring with her or even offer food in return. A groan of pleasure came from her throat and vibrating the tool she was sucking on when she felt the male's tongue first press against her entrance.

    Myrina's legs spread out just a little more as the brute so eagerly lapped at her caverns, she barely even seemed to noticed that he had started lightly humping her muzzle. Every once in a while his flesh would prod the very back of her throat and she would be reminded of what she was doing, but almost as soon as she remembered another moan would be drawn from her as his tongue delved into her folds once more. She could feel that her walls were slick with not only her juices but the saliva of the male that prepared her for his use, surely some of the mixture was beginning to drip out of her caverns as well. The tri-colored female almost whimpered with want when he finally pulled away but made sure to give his tool one more gentle lick as his flesh was pulled from her muzzle. She watched from the corner of her eye as best as she could as he turned around to line up directly behind her and before his nose even found its way under her tail again, she already had her plumage up and out of the way. She let out another soft moan and spread her legs a little further when she felt his soft appendage against her folds once again. Oh, he worked wonders with that tongue of his... none of the warriors or other males she had serviced from her natal pack had ever even asked to do this to her so for all she knew, Cronus's tongue was mediocre at best but she was not the right female to judge such a thing. She whimpered with want as he pulled away his muzzle only to rest it on her rump and she braced herself to hold his weight up as she felt his chest up against her.

    His prodding was to be expected, but nonetheless he found his mark much quicker than most canines did and he seemed to fill her almost immediately. She let out a guttural moan, a mix of pleasure as well as pain, as his members stretched her walls as far as they could go... she had been right to think he was larger than any male she had allowed to take her before. She pushed back against every thrust he made into her, eager to feel him in the depths of her womb with every forward motion the azure brute made. "Oh Cronus..." the female moaned out as she felt his thrusts slow, the motion somehow drawing more pleasure out. She could feel his knot forming with each thrust as something seemed to hit her cavern entrance a little harder every time his hips came forward to meet hers and she understood that he had slowed down to draw out their encounter a little further... she wondered if he actually intended to tie them together, not that it would do anything at this point since she was not in heat... but the idea occurred to her that if he did they would end up stuck together for longer than he perhaps would have wanted to... but then maybe that would be his intention? She almost whimpered at the thought, but decided to focus instead on what was going on in that moment and relished every second of it.

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    Re: Freedom

    Though his thrusts had slowed down significantly, the pleasure he took from her did not decrease even slightly. In fact, the slower movements only drew out his pleasure further, and he moaned softly as his head hung beside her neck and shoulder. His blue ears pinned backwards as he turned his head to lick and nibble at her throat and the base of her chin, enjoying the closeness and intimacy that he had not allowed himself to experience in his previous pack. But she was not like the females he had mounted before. No, she was much different, and he was enjoying every moment that he got to explore her beautiful form. The sound of his name coming from her muzzle made him shiver slightly, causing his thrusts to increase in their speed and power for a few moments before he gathered himself once more. But he could feel his knot swelling quickly, and he knew that the longer he waited the less likely it was to fit within her before it reached full size. Eventually he lifted his head once more, taking her scruff back into his jaws to hold her still beneath him.

    With a deep groan of pleasure and perhaps a bit of discomfort, he bucked his hips forward a bit more roughly, causing his knot to slip slightly into her before it was pushed back out of her entrance. Was he too large for her? His eyes closed and his ears flattened against his head at the thought, but he was certain that it was not yet at full size and he was fully intent on tying with her and drawing out their time together for as long as possible. His hips bucked forward again, this time after drawing his length almost completely out of her before he shoved himself back within her. He repeated the process several times before he finally managed to pop his knot inside of her, a deep growl of pleasure and sheer male dominance rumbling into her fur at the same time. Once his knot was within her it swelled even more, locking him tightly inside of her as his eyes squeezed shut and an even more powerful growl escaped his jaws as his seed spilled into her.

    He held her tightly against him by the scruff as he came, his hips still bucking slightly to force his tip up against her cervix, no doubt filling her womb with every last drop of the seed that spurted from him. He could feel his head spinning as he rode his climax on top of her, his eyes closed and his jaws loosening their grip on her scruff as the flow of his seed slowed down. Eventually his jaws released her and his tongue swiped over the abused skin and fur almost apologetically. If he had injured her, he had not meant to, but he doubted his teeth had closed hard enough to draw blood. After several minutes went by he shifted his weight, lifting one of his hind legs and moving off of her so that they stood end-to-end, with his knot keeping them firmly tied together. "Mmmm, you are nothing like I have experienced before, Love." He said softly, his voice a bit deeper than before and still laced with pleasure from their coupling. "I must admit, it would be a lie to say that I did not want to prolong our time together." He said, talking about the fact he had chosen to tie them together instead of just filling her with his seed and leaving their encounter at that. He did not say it out loud in that moment, but he was beginning to hope that she stuck around long term, for he was certain he did not want to see her leave his side.

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