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Thread: [Lupus] Myrina

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    [Lupus] Myrina

    OOC account name:

    Character Name:

    Character Gender:

    Character Birthdate:
    May 22nd, 2016

    Character Species:

    Character Height:

    Character Weight:
    190 lbs

    Primary Coat Colors:

    Secondary Coat Colors:
    Purple, Blue

    Eye Color:

    Character Class:

    Character Personality:
    Myrina was groomed to be the kind to blaze her own trails, to never depend on anyone but herself... but to remain loyal to those she forms her bonds with. The female is not one to beat around the bush or filter herself, rather always saying the first thing that comes to mind. Sharp with her tongue just as she is with her brain, she speaks however she wants, she is not one to second-guess herself and rather pushes through anything and everything she sets her mind to. Stubborn as a mule, the young female does not change her mind easily, and when she does it is only due to something benefiting her more so than her previous thoughts would have. She knows she's a good-looker, to the point of narcissism, and therefore settles for nothing but the best for herself and what she wants; whether that's a new male's attention or the first choice cut of the kill after a hunt. She has an insatiable lust, always more than willing to go after a male, or a female if one is willing, to feel release even if only for a moment. This however, does not mean she is willing to serve just anyone... if she does not find that wolf to be worthy of her body, she will not let them take her. She has left marks on wolves trying to take her against her consent, and is not afraid to leave more regardless of the size difference between herself and said forceful male. Although the female will always put herself and her needs first, once you have her on your side and prove to her that you will not leave her, she will be forever loyal to you and defend you until her last breath if the necessity ever came up.

    Character History:
    Born to a small pack, Myrina was both planned and unwanted. The alpha pair had been trying for many breeding seasons to create a litter that would produce a son to continue the alpha male's legacy, and when such a son never came the grizzled male dubbed his mate infertile and took on a different mate. Unbeknownst to the male though, his old mate had indeed fallen pregnant in their last coupling but she did not show it because she had only one pup growing in her womb. After he took on another mate, so did she... one who did not want pups. Upon her birth, her mother's mate accused her of infidelity due to her appearing nothing like him... and her father's new mate had fallen pregnant within their first coupling and lead to him denying his fatherhood even though she bore the striking purples of his magnificent coat. His new mate's litter resulted in all stillborn pups and the pack's shaman determined it was in fact the alpha male's seed that was unable to produce offspring. He also concluded that Myrina's birth was a miracle granted to them by her mother's faithful pilgrimage to the Physical Crystal every year, something her mate had always thought was a waste of time and foolish. Even with this conclusion though, her father refused to let his daughter be the one to take over the pack... in his eyes, only a male could ever dream to be strong enough for that.

    Her father forced her to be a huntress, and oftentimes a companion to any of his warriors that wanted her, and fill the role females were meant to fill in the pack under his rule. She trained in secret with her favorite warrior and he made sure to request an audience with her from the alpha as often as possible. Of all the males she lay with, he had always been her favorite and he remained so until he died protecting the pack from an attack. After that she spent much of her time seeking the attention of other males to fill the void, and try to convince them to continue training her. They all refused and she soon returned to only laying with them when she was ordered to do so. Her mother died on their way back from their pilgrimage just before her second year... a heart attack took her life and all she could do was lay her mother to rest after the life had drained from her body.

    As she came upon her third year her father became ill... and still had no son. Myrina had made the journey to the Crystal with her mother, and without, each year once she was old enough to travel and was easily the strongest wolf in the pack for it. She asked her father for his blessing to lead the pack, and when he denied it once again... she challenged him. In his rule as alpha no one had dared challenge him, so he laughed. However, the rest of the pack chanted for the fight. When he finally agreed, the arena was set... and father fought against daughter. The battle was quick, and Myrina was about to win with the killing blow but instead, she spat in his face and turned to leave. When he was able to stand he called for her banishment, but she never so much as a flicked an ear... she was already on her way out and away from the only home she had ever known to find a place where instead of being judged and used as a female she would be able to truly burn her own path, as her mother had always wanted her to, and be anything she wanted despite her sex. And so she travels alone now... still faithful to her pilgrimage each year, as her mother had once been.

    Character Description:
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