She had been alone for some time now. Ever since she had fled her former pride, Mint had wandered Drift by herself and slowly learned how to survive. Still she could barely handle the silence that seemed to follow her everywhere. Though she knew that she could not return to the males that she had fled from, she wished she could be a part of something once more. A pride, a group, anything really. The loneliness was crippling, and for several days she had found herself lying around and feeling sorry for herself. She was, after all, meant to be a social creature. Eventually she managed to pull herself out of the funk she had fallen into, and she found her mint green paws carrying her towards the fresh waters of Ilou'av in search of sound and perhaps nourishment. She was not sure if her kind were naturals when it came to fishing, but she figured she had little to lose in trying her paw at it. So, instead of wasting time sitting around alone any longer, she trotted towards the waters and allowed herself to slow as she neared them.

It took her only a matter of moments before she spotted a large frog, and for several minutes she simply crouched down and stared at it. Would it taste as bad as it looked? Her head tilted slightly as it croaked, the odd sound making her fur stand on end briefly before she crawled closer and perked her ears in the slimy creature's direction. But no sooner had she stepped forward than the frog leaped into the water, leaving her alone on the bank of the lake with a disappointed frown on her face. Several minutes passed before she finally stepped forward and into the water, lowering her front half and keeping her back half on the shore so that she could lap up the cool liquid for some much needed refreshment. She took her time, and when she was finished she pushed herself back up into a full standing position and stepped further into the cool liquid. Though she knew winter was coming to the majority of Drift, the cool water still felt good on her paws and legs as she came to a stop with all four paws submerged. That was when she froze, letting her eyes wander and search for any sign of life, knowing that it would take time since her movements had likely scared away any fish that had been nearby initially.

It felt like hours passed as she stood still, her eyes searching the water while her tail remained lifted from the surface with the tip twitching absently. It was perhaps the only part of her that moved, and finally after what seemed like forever, she swiped a paw up and in front of her form and threw a silvery fish out onto the shore nearby. Thankfully she had thrown it far enough that it would not flop back into the water, and eventually it was joined with two others that were slightly smaller and just as lively. When she was satisfied that they would do for a meal she exited the lake, pouncing on the less than enthusiastic fish and ending their lives before she began to devour her small feast. It felt wonderful to eat, and perhaps she enjoyed the slimy creatures more than she had expected to. Either way she took her time with the second two after making the first disappear in a matter of minutes. Her belly slowly grew more and more full, leaving her less impatient and in an entirely better mood than she initially had been in.

(Open to anyone, poor girl needs attention)