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Thread: [Diardis] Izel

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Gift received at 10-27-2019, 12:23 PM from The Creator
Message: Here ya go, for the purple.

    [Diardis] Izel

    OOC account name: @susy

    Character Name: Izel

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Birthdate: March 6th, 2016

    Character Species: Diardi

    Character Height: 62 in

    Character Weight: 350 lbs

    Primary Coat Colors: Purple, White

    Secondary Coat Colors: Black

    Eye Color: Orange

    Character Class: Psychic

    Character Personality:
    If nothing else, this male can be described as joyful. He is rarely seen without a smile on his face and is almost always in a good mood. He is the type of open-hearted soul that accepts others for who they are but also honest enough to be truthful in any situation, even when it can be hard to do so. He enjoys motivating others and genuinely hopes for the best for those he encounters and he never meets a stranger. Very optimistic and quite social as well, he’s just an overall positive feline. He’s loyal to those he cares about and would go above and beyond to help one of them in need. On a good day he can even be a total flirt, paying extra attention to any feline, female or male, that will give him the attention he seeks, whether it’s for a night or longer.

    However, he has a darker side to him… one that others have rarely seen. Due to the lack of acceptance he received as a cub from his family, he lacks severely in the self-esteem department and often thinks the worst of himself. He has an emotional wall built up around himself to protect him from feeling any worse than he already does about himself and in general. His temper is not short, but the anger that comes forth when he does get set off is a force to be reckoned with… he’s even been known to black out in a fit of rage and not recall what he did during that time. He is also a jealous creature, known to show distaste for anyone he does not deem worthy of his sexual partners, romantic pursuits, or even just what few friends he holds dear to him. He has his moments of complete selfishness as well where he will put himself first rather than worry about those around him, but these moments are rare and typically only happen when it would not affect someone he cares deeply for.

    All in all, he is a complex individual with many layers to get through, oftentimes his walls not allowing others to get to see the extent of said layers. Once you get past them, if you do, he is one of the best brutes to have in your corner.

    Character History:
    In a forest hidden away from prying eyes, Chiara and Tobias were a happy pair of lone Diardis that had chosen a nomadic lifestyle over being part of a pride. Tobias was a formidable, almost entirely black, brute who’s size could’ve easily brought him nearly any victory he tried to claim… but the only victory the wise male wanted was that of Chiara’s heart. Once he won the heart of the lilac-hued female, the two left their natal pride to journey as much of Drift as they could together and within the first year of their travels, Chiara became pregnant with her first litter. Unfortunately only one, the purple hued male, of the 3 would survive. They named him Izel, and though the first few months of his life were spent in the forest where his parents had chosen to stay when Chiara’s time to give birth had come, once he was old enough to travel the small family moved once more. They never stayed in any one place for too long, and when Izel turned a year old, his parents discovered that his mother was pregnant once again. In a couple month’s time she had a litter of 2. Both were female, one sported the same lilac coat as their mother and the other was a gorgeous sky blue in color.

    This time before the small family could leave the area they were in, a pair of Diardis, one with a brilliant blue pelt and the other white as snow, came and thought Tobias to be a threat. Tobias had been a large feline, but he was no match for the pair of brothers that had come to claim the land they stay on and while Tobias and Chiara tried to explain to the two males that the family had no intentions of staying, the brothers insisted on a match against Tobias for the right to call the forest they were in, home. Tobias refused to fight such an unevenly matched battle, particularly when he had no interest in the prize, and without warning the two brutes attacked him. Chiara and Izel tried to help Tobias, but the ebony brute insisted they run, that he would hold them back as long as he could. Chiara and Izel each picked up one of the girls and started running, neither of them ever looking back to see the ivory coated brute take the life of Tobias.

    Soon the four of them came upon a small pride of Diardi as they pilgrimaged together to the Psychic Crystal. They were allowed to join them on the journey, though the male that lead the pride eyed Izel suspiciously. Upon arriving to the Crystal, neither Chiara nor the girls had any interest in inspecting it any further, but Izel followed those of the pride that went to strengthen their abilities… and when he did, he felt a change. Unknown to him the Crystal had granted him the Psychic ability and after they left the Crystal he felt it develop as the days passed. A few days after they left the crystal, the lead male confronted Izel and told the small family that they were welcome to stay in the pride, but Izel as a young and strong male would not be permitted to stay so that the brute could maintain his pride. Chiara at first insisted she would not stay without her only son… but Izel told her that for her safety, as well as that of his sisters, he insisted they stayed. Xandor, the lead brute, agreed that Izel would be welcome to visit with his mother and sisters once a year during the pilgrimage times, but so long as he lived and lead the pride he would not be allowed to stay with them. Izel and Chiara agreed to the terms and then Izel said his goodbyes to his mother and sisters before heading out on his own, journeying the lands of Drift to find himself a home.

    Character Description:

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    Re: [Diardis] Izel

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