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Thread: Recharging [Open]

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    Recharging [Open]

    Winter had fallen heavily on Drift. There were places that were already covered with snow and ice, and others that were still hot and uncomfortable for the majority of the year. Pale blue paws fell lightly on similarly colored ice in the northern region of Kair, carrying the petite vulpes in the direction of The Archipelago. It had been a long time since she had visited the Psychic Crystal, and though she was not powerless by any means, she had been feeling more and more drained as of late. Perhaps if she gave the crystal a visit she would be able to bolster her abilities a bit and strengthen herself for the future. But first she would have to cross the waters to get there. During the summer months - or perhaps even the spring and fall - the islands that led the way to Treakr would be dry and warm, providing the perfect picture of a giant "stepping-stone" path between the main portion of Drift and the mysterious North. However, in the winter the water was covered in ice and snow, making it next to impossible to see where an island started and where a deadly shifting sheet of ice ended. Thankfully she did not weigh too much, but at the same time she could still easily fall through a thin stretch of ice and be swept away by the current that still rushed out into the seas below.

    Before long she was standing on the shores of Kair, her pink and blue eyes staring off into the icy water with an uncertainty that she did not typically carry. It felt like forever before she finally moved, having stood and studied her path for at least half an hour before deciding on which route to take. It was still a risk, though she prayed that with her size and experience she would be able to make it to the other side of the water in half the amount of time it would take her to fall and drown if she wasted any more time. With no more hesitation and what seemed like more self-confidence than she was certain she had, she leaped forward onto the nearest chunk of solid ice. Thankfully it was strong enough to hold her, but it did shift dangerously and tilt towards one end until she scrambled quickly to stand in the center. From there she ran and leaped to yet another chunk of flattened ice, quickly making her way to the nearest island. When she finally felt solid ground beneath her paws, she stopped to rest for a few minutes. It took her only a few minutes to explore the entirety of the tiny island, and when she was satisfied that she knew exactly where the land ended and the ice began, she was on the move again.

    The entire process seemed to take what felt like hours, but by the time thirty minutes had passed she was nearly three fourths of the way to the northern landmass. At this point, however, she did need to stop on one of the islands and rest. She chose one that had a small cluster of trees - a rare find in The Archipelago - and because the wind and snow combined with the small amount of water that washed over some of the ice she had walked on had soaked her coat, she crouched and crawled beneath the lower branches of what appeared to be a pine tree. The further she crawled into the small mass of trees, the less the wind battered at her damp coat. She knew that she would stand no chance of finishing her crossing come nightfall, and she only had perhaps twenty or thirty more minutes until the sun set, but she was far too tired to attempt crossing further for the time being. If worst came to worst, she would spend her night sleeping within the shelter of the tree cluster and continue her journey in the morning.

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    Re: Recharging [Open]

    The cold was no friend of his as the vulpes body began to shiver. Ivory paws took each step with caution to try and avoid the patches of ice that had formed on the ground. Winter had come sooner than expected but maybe because his days seemed to blur together and often lost count on how many days had passed. Elias wasnít completely out of luck though because the visibility was perfect and allowed him to spot the slippery patches before his paws could touch them. Unless a storm started to brew, the only thing he truly had to deal with was staying warm. Oranges eyes looked up at the sky to see if there were any sign of one. A cloudless sky with the sun shining bright is what welcomed him which caused a smile to form on Eliasís maw. Maybe today wasnít going to be bad as he initially thought it would be. All he would have to do is find shelter by nightfall which he was confident that he would.

    Red ears began to twitch when the sound of snow crunching caught his attention. Elias turned his head left and right as he looked for the source. The vulpes almost completely overlooked the female the sound was coming from because of how lightly colored her pelt was. She was so far the most beautiful creature he had met. Her fur was of a light blue and pink with matching eyes. It looked like she was making her way to one of the small islands off the shore of Kair. Elias decided that he would study from afar and wait to see what she did. If he still felt intrigued by her, then he would go grace her with his presence,

    (Sorry it's short!)

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    Re: Recharging [Open]

    It seemed that the longer she stayed within the security of the cluster of pine trees, the more comfortable she became. Therefore, as she noted the quickly darkening sky between a couple branches above her head, she would remain on the small island in her hiding place until the morning light lit her path to her destination once more. However, as the wind shifted and blew north in her direction, it carried the scent of a stranger directly to her. It was faint as it slipped between the pine needles and to her nose, smelling strongly of sea salt and the pines that surrounded her, but she could distinctly pick up the species and gender. It was a male, and a vulpes like herself. For a brief moment she entertained the idea of ignoring his presence, but after a short internal debate she decided that it would be safer for her to know where he was instead of simply hope he left her alone. Still, she had no desire to leave the warmth of her little makeshift den within the trees.

    "I know you are out there."

    It had been a long time since she had used her abilities to speak to someone even at a short distance, let alone the length from her location to the shore where he likely stood. From most creatures she would need to be actively listening for a response, but she had met other Vulpes before with her abilities and she wondered if he would respond without her trying to hear him. Still, she decided to pay attention for the time being as she did not want to risk missing out on knowing exactly where he was and what he was doing. If she was anything, it was careful, and she was not about to stay up all night just to make sure he did not mount some sort of sneak attack. Perhaps she would not be so worried on a normal day in the summer or even spring and fall, but she had entered her heat cycle recently with the cold weather, and with a male wandering about she was not taking any chances.

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    Re: Recharging [Open]

    The other vulpes that was in his field of view was efficient in the way the was jumping from one piece of rock to another. Elias could only imagine how easy it would be for one to slip and fall. The rocks were soaked from the waves of the ocean paired with the cold allowed slick spots to form on them. One would have to be precise with their movements to insure they didn't land on the wrong spot. If they were to miss, they would find themselves in icy waters. The thought of the water made Elias shiver and it was then that he decided that we wouldn't risk falling victim to it. He was smarter than that and plus there didn’t seem to be anything of use to the tri-colored male. Unless there was something she knew that he didn’t.

    The possibility peaked his interest but he still continued to wait for her and that was when the female spoke to him. Her voice rang crystal clear in his mind even though she was a good bit away. She had similar psychic abilities to the ones he had. It had been rare for Elias to come across his own kind so he was unsure if all of them had psychic abilities or only a select few of them did. The vulpes was still trying to better his skills, so was there a higher tier of abilities? The only way he could find out was to communicate with her so he let out a sigh and finally replied after a couple moments of silence.

    “Oh, do you now?”

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    Re: Recharging [Open]

    At first she was not certain that the male would respond. However, after only a few moments of waiting, she could distinctly hear a masculine voice in her mind calling back to her. Because she had practiced and trained herself for so long, the female had to actively allow his voice to slip past her defenses in order to clearly tell what he said in response. She took a slow, deep breath and then with her long exhale she could hear him speak to her clearly. 'Oh, do you now?' The voice was best described as cocky but lacking confidence, and the sound made her chuckle softly. This sound, however, she did not translate to the other Vulpes. Instead, she let him wait for a few moments as she pushed herself to her paws and crawled out from her hiding place within the small cluster of trees. Once her front half was out in the open, she frowned slightly at the cold wind that impacted her muzzle and ears aggressively. It took only a matter of moments for her pink-blue eyes to locate the form of the male, and she stood there staring at him curiously as her tail tip twitched softly in the trees behind her that continued to hide her back half.

    "Have you been watching me?"

    Her head tilted slightly as she threw the thought gently in his direction, her ears twitching lightly and her eyes narrowing almost playfully. From the distance she could not quite tell his size or determine whether he truly was a threat or not, but she supposed that if he wanted to harm her he would have by then. However, within a matter of moments, she turned slowly and disappeared back into her hiding place within the trees. A soft sigh escaped her jaws - and perhaps her mind if he was listening still - as the warmth of her makeshift den surrounded her once more. It was wonderful to be out of the wind and the cold, and as the sky grew darker and darker she was certain that the night would only get colder. If the male did not want to freeze, he would have to either leave her be or join her. However, his window of opportunity to cross the ice to her location from where he stood on the shore was closing quickly.

    ( @Elias )

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