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Thread: [Vulpes] Elias

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    [Vulpes] Elias

    OOC account name: @Nia

    Character Name: Elias

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Birthdate: 5/16/18
    Character Species: Vulpes

    Character Height: 22 in

    Character Weight: 35 lbs

    Primary Coat Colors: Red, Black, White

    Secondary Coat Colors: N/A

    Eye Color: Oranges

    Character Class: Psychic

    Character Personality:
    Elias is not one to go out and seek company as he prefers for others to encounter him. Being alone wasn’t something that bothered the Vulpes the slightest bit. When he had first discovered his ability, Elias often sought company so that he could test out his telepathy. However, after some time, he started to grow bored of it. The only reason for the company was so that he could meddle with their minds. Aside from that, he was rather bored of others since he found them useless. This was more than likely because of the ego he had formed once his telepathy revealed himself. Elias saw himself above others so anyone else was of little use to him. Perhaps it was this isolation that allowed his ego to begin to consume him for he started to become more selfish and self absorbed, slowly pushing him closer to being narcissistic.

    Character History:
    In early life, Elias clung to his parents in desperation, fearing everything around him. There was no real reason for his cowardice to his surroundings. he was just like it from the start. The lack of reason made most of his fears irrational which he was constantly reminded of by his parents. They weren't doing it to be malicious, his mother and father were just trying to help him build character. Their actions had the opposite effect on Elias and caused him to form a negative self image and a low self-esteem. He got to the point where he even started to fear his parents due to the lack of their parenting skills. Mom and dad were his idols but they were starting to grow tired of his excuses. They went from trying to nudge him in the right direction to forcing him into the individual they wanted Elias to be.

    Everything changed the day he woke up and realized that he was able transmit simple thoughts into another individuals head. This new found power gave him the confidence boost that he needed. Elias's discovery made him want to boast and show it off since no one around him seemed to have such an ability if any at all. Instead, he hid it from everyone as he worked on honing his skill. When he felt confident enough in his ability, he used it against his parents by simply implanting the thought that they were seeing their worst fear. They needed to feel all the emotional and mental pain that he felt when facing "irrational" fears. Once he was done. he ran away and never looked back. It was finally the time for Elias to start his own life and he needed to explore the world that he hid himself from.

    Character Description:

    Thanks to Vix for the design <3
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