Winter had fallen on Drift. The winds were getting colder and the days were getting shorter. It was reaching the evening hours by the time Freya reached the edge of the Alos Cliffs, her eyes scanning the beautiful oceans beneath the sunset ahead of her. It was truly an amazing sight, and had she been a more cautious female she might have stayed further back from the edge of the rocks. But she had never exactly been 'cautious' per say. Instead she liked to explore and experience things, and she knew she could not fully experience the cliffs from several yards back where it was supposedly safe. So instead she stood at the edge, staring out over the water and the beaches below with no fear. Plus, the cold air that blew at her back and towards the sea was refreshing, and it helped to take the edge off of her heat as she stood there. It was that time of year again, and she was carefully avoiding her brother for obvious reasons. Well, her brother and whatever semblance of a pack he had somehow managed to put together. Though she doubted that he had much of a following as of late. She had not been back to visit nor did she seem to care to. There was little reason for her to go back, so instead she had been spending her time nearby, but still in her own space.

That is, a space she occasionally shared with another. Zoldor was a creature that she did not mind sharing her time with, and she was lucky enough to have him visit quite frequently. The entirety of Drift had been somewhat quiet lately, and she had little reason to worry about dangers or the like with the dragon checking in on her as frequently as he had been. She wondered, though, how he would respond to her heat. They had met between her cycles, and he had enjoyed her thoroughly already, but what would he do if he were to come across her now? The female closed her eyes and inhaled deeply as the wind shifted to blow air up from the water and against the cliffs where she stood. This blew her scent behind her, leading it to whoever were to sneak up on her while her back was turned. But she was not worried. She had checked the area, and unless her attacker had wings to reach her from below or above, she was likely to be safe where she stood. After all, up at the top of the cliffs where she stood was quiet open, with very little to hide behind or within.

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