To say she knew where she was going would be a lie. Winter had fallen more quickly on Drift than she had expected, and the orange-coated female had been far too relaxed in her search for shelter. She had somehow managed to find her way to one of the highest points other than the mountains of the central mainland. Arethan's Edge was beautiful on a normal day, but Vixen was pleasantly surprised to find that it was an even more mesmerizing place at night. Though she was forced to huddle close to the single tree at the edge of the cliff within a cluster of rocks to keep out of the snow and wind, she could still make out the stars from the wide shelter she had managed to find. The top was open, but thankfully the rocks and tree were tight enough together to only spread out a couple more feet around her form and were tall enough on either side to block cold gusts and drifts of snow from entering around her. It had mercifully stopped snowing early in the day before, so the snow that had laid where she now rested had long since been pushed away by her paws and nose. Had she been born with the gift of a tail she would have wrapped it around herself in that moment, but since she had yet to master great skill in her Kinetic abilities she was unable to warm herself in such a way.

Instead she curled up the best she could, tucking her paws beneath her orange form and lifting her head to continue staring up at the stars. The sky was wonderfully clear that night, and as the wind died down to a soft and gentle breeze she uttered a soft sigh of relief. It was cold winter nights like these that she wished she still had her family to warm her, and even went as far as to utter a faint whine at the memory of her brother. He was different now, she knew that, but she could not help but long for his larger form to be curled up beside her. Hell, she would even tuck herself in against her sister or Hawk in that moment. But she had left them, and she would have to deal with the consequences alone. And she would, but that did not mean she enjoyed every moment of it. Still, she did her best to focus as she finally tore her eyes away from the sky and shut them tightly. Her ears flicked backwards as she drew the picture of her form in her head, imagining the fur against her skin thickening, growing stronger and heavier to keep her warm throughout the lonely night. Much to her surprise - and relief - she opened her eyes to find that she had succeeded in thickening her undercoat and lengthening the fur that laid across her sides, shoulders, and neck. The new growth made her look heavier and larger than she really was, but she could already feel the warmth and comfort that it provided.

However, with the impressive change came an equally impressive price. The effort given to redirect her powers to improve her adaptability to her surroundings took a toll on her energy and strength. Where she had previously been wide awake with muscles that were ready to carry her for days on end, she now sighed softly and let her head sink down to rest on the ground in front of her. She was incredibly tired all of a sudden, and as another heavy sigh heaved through her form, her eyes slowly closed and she drifted off to sleep. She needed her rest, for it would take her several hours to recover from the use of her powers. Though she had been born near enough to the Kinetic crystal to receive powers, she had never actually been all the way out to the island that held he structure. She would need to visit before using her abilities to any larger extent or she would risk taxing herself so much that she did not wake from her slumber at all. That would be a terrible mistake, of course, and she had been slowly planning her journey south towards the island ever since she had left her family. But the progression was slow, as she had wandered the continent for quite a while before she had decided to experiment further with her powers. Now she suffered the consequences of her lack of planning. Not only was she alone in the winter of the North, but she had also entered into her heat and was increasingly vulnerable and unfortunately appealing to any male canine that came her way. She had grown increasingly aggressive with those that she had chanced upon, but thankfully she had managed to retain just enough energy to alter her coloring from time to time to hide from them instead.

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