It was getting late, but the darkness had never truly bothered her. At first she was nothing more than a what seemed to be a gigantic pale statue with hints of orchid pink here and there, but every once in a while the supposed statue would move to lift lightly and then fall slowly back down. Her breathing was peaceful and incredibly slow, and perhaps if it had belonged to any other creature one would think they would be dead. But the dragon was simply dozing, and after several minutes her head slowly lifted. It was not uncommon for her to struggle to sleep most nights, and as she had not chosen to return to Treakr and the dark dens in the cliffs there, she was not as comfortable as she could have been. Then again, who really was a threat to her here? Slowly her pink eyes opened, blinking lazily as she took her time to yawn and stretch. The sun had already set past the horizon, but there were faint colors stretching out across the skies over her that created a beautiful watercolor painting that she could observe. But this was something she had seen millions of times over the years. She watched it for a moment, noting the birds flying overhead to return to their nests for the night and the nocturnal creatures slowly making their way out to hunt and forage.

Everything was seemingly in it's place and proper. But Genesis knew better. She had created the beings that roamed their world, but she knew that they did not remain untouched or unaltered. Paradox was to blame, but unlike Zoldor she did not resent the male dragon for it. Sure, she did not typically agree with his methods, but she had been known to take on a lower beast's form once in a while to move about her creations. In fact, as the thought crossed her mind she stretched carefully, using her powers to alter her size down so that she was perhaps the height of one of the pine trees nearby. She was still much larger than any creature that might come across her - except for her male counterparts, of course - but she could move around more easily without crushing anything she stepped near. She allowed her eyes to roam across the water to the rocky peak that was the unique island that gave the cliffs their name. If she wanted to she could fly to it, landing gracefully on the tip of the peak and balancing carefully. She had before, but that night did not find her adventurous. At least not yet anyways. Instead allowed her eyes to return to the forest behind her, searching for any sign that she might not be alone or that the location's namesake had visited recently.

It had been some time since she had seen either of the other dragons, but she knew they were around somewhere. No doubt Zoldor was flying about their creation ensuring that nothing was out of place, and perhaps Paradox was running about where Zoldor had just visited to move things out of place once more. She smirked slightly and shook her head at the thought, feeling as if the two males would never cease their disagreements and arguing. But that was simply how they were, and after hundreds of years, who was she really to try and change them? She had given up on that long ago, and she was not about to start up with it again. When it counted they were all able to come together, and that was all that mattered. Plus, she hardly wished to spend time with both of them at the same time. Though she loved them both dearly, they were often too much to handle together. As her thoughts drifted back to the darkness that surrounded her, her head tilted slightly so that her mane shifted across her neck and fell towards the ground nearby. She had laid down once more, with her long tail wrapped around her and the tip flicking fur back and forth in front of her front paws. Not more than perhaps twenty yards away scurried a creature she had not seen before, and a small sigh left her slightly parted jaws. "Oh Paradox, when will you stop toying with my creations?" But the words were spoken into the dark night air and not truly meant to be sent to their intended target. She knew he would not change, and perhaps a small part of her always looked forward to seeing what new creature or mischief he could come up with next.

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