The Noctua Empire consists typically, although not exclusively, of Lupus. As lupus are creatures of order and law, there is a strict hierarchy that maintains this faction. The highest ranking members are the Emperor and Empress, both of which are considered equally powerful and influential. However, where the Emperor may be the face of the pack, the Noctua are actually more of a Matriarchal society. The Empress is often the one to make final decisions, and the Empire is passed down from mother to daughter instead of father to son. Similarly, when a pair joins together as mates, the male takes on the female’s family name. This name is passed to their offspring and down their hereditary line through their daughters.

The Heir of the Empire is typically a female, and the higher ranking members of the faction are often female as well. However, males can be just as powerful of an influence and hold their own high ranks as well. Where the Emperor and Empress rule, the rank of Warrior is one of honor and nobility. Only the most skilled and powerful males and females receive this role, and may often be given spoils of war, slaves, harems, and other gifts for their loyalty and service to the Empire. The Empire is split into three classes: Upper Class, Middle Class, and Lower Class. Members of the Upper Class are the most powerful and the most trusted. These are also often the most powerful and influential creatures in the Empire. They may have servants of their own as well as first pick of slaves if they choose. These members may also have harems if they choose, though monogamy is not necessarily encouraged within the faction’s ranks.

The Middle Class consists of the Hunters, Healers, and Guard. These members are tasked with the protection and nourishment of the entire Empire. Though these ranks are considered middle ranks, the members may obtain servants and will often share multiple servants among them all. The Lower Class consists of those with little talent, the weak, and the slaves. Youth are always born into the Lower Class, but their future rank often depends on their parentage as well as the way they came into being and their Rite of Zoldor. Offspring of Servants, Slaves, and Bastard Offspring often remain in the Lower Class their entire lives, though moving up in the classes and ranks is not altogether unheard of.

All in all the Noctua Empire is a place of prosperity and honor. The faction is powerful and strong, and their goal is to reign supreme and unchallenged for generations to come. Their members are skilled in many different ways, and their festivals promote unity and loyalty among them to create a tight knit society that is nearly unbreakable.


Emperor: Cronus Noctua
Male leader of the faction. He is the most powerful in the faction aside from the Empress. The Emperor and Empress hold equal power and influence, but the Emperor is oftentimes the “face” and “muscle” of the faction in order to protect the Empress and future heirs. He will determine the male ranks and enforce laws.
Empress: Myrina Noctua
The female leader of the pack. As the Noctua Empire is mostly a Matriarchal faction, the Empress is often the faction’s Matriarch. She will determine female ranks, as well as determine and uphold laws within the faction. Where the Emperor is often the “face” of the faction, the Empress is typically the “brain” and “backbone” to the Empire. It is typically this female that has the final say in laws, disputes, and claims.

The rank of Warrior within The Empire is a great honor. These creatures - male or female - are trained fighters and incredibly powerful. It is their duty to uphold the faction law, patrol the borders, and protect the faction from all harm or threats. These creatures are not meant to be trifled with, as they are oftentimes quite dangerous and deadly. They are some of the most trusted members of the Empire, and typically will see the most spoils from raids, conquests, or battles.


Hunters are tasked with providing food for the Empire. They are typically fast and cunning, and fear very little. Although these creatures are respected for their speed and agility and the fact that they provide the lifesource for the faction, they are considered second class and below the warrior ranks.
These creatures are skilled healers, but they can be quite dangerous as well. Where they are able to heal and fix almost any wound or illness, they are also skilled with poisons and venom and are quite deadly. This rank may contain both males and females, and they are typically tasked with not only the health of the Empire, but also their spirituality.
The guard protects the Empire’s high ranking members, the youth, and the elders. Although this rank is within the Second Class, they are held in high regard and respected. They are the guardians of the next generations, and the future of the faction.


These are youths that are being mentored in order to achieve a specific rank. They will be assigned Mentors by the Emperor (males) or Empress (females) and will be the full responsibility of their Mentor until they have achieved their full rank within the Empire.
These creatures are tasked with serving the First and Second class in any way necessary. These are often consorts, courtesans, messengers, midwives, or anything that their master tasks them to be. Although the First Class may maintain servants that are specific to them, the majority of Servants are tasked with honoring the entirety of the Empire and do not have one specific master. Although these creatures are servants to those ranking higher than them, they are often respected and do hold some rights within the faction. They must not be harmed or injured badly, and should female servants become pregnant they are to be cared for by the Healers until their offspring are weaned. Typically during a pregnancy a Servant female will not be required to uphold all of her serving duties, though her offspring will often be ranked as a Servant or Slave.
These are the offspring of the pack. Though it is rare for a pair to breed without the permission of the Emperor and Empress, occasionally such unions will occur. Though these offspring will be placed within the Youth rank, any bastard offspring will typically fall into the Servant or Slave ranks when they reach one year of age.
This rank is reserved for those that have broken laws or are bastard offspring. Whether their parents are of different ranks, different classes, or one of their parents are not in the Empire, they are not pure and therefore typically do not often see high ranks within the faction. Slaves are often mistreated and used for whatever purpose their masters see fit, though it is rare to see a singular master for one particular slave. They hold no rights within the Empire.

The Genesis Festival
It is said that the dragon Genesis is the mother of Drift, the goddess that created all creatures. Once a year the creatures of The Noctua Empire celebrate the dragon goddess and pray that she honor them with fertility and prosperity. In the beginning of the breeding season, the Empire gathers together, separating males and females. Those that choose to participate in the festival pair up randomly. This is done by the males forming a circle shoulder with their backs to each other so that they face outward. The females will form a similar circle around the male circle facing inward. A non-participating member or members will be chosen to sing facing away from the circles so that they cannot see them. The female circle will dance around the male circle, only coming to a stop when the singing stops.

When they stop they pair up with the male nearest to them, who will become their companion for the entirety of the first night of the festival. Once the pairs are chosen they will split up and enter the Mountains to the north of Idaith. Here they will spend their night near the Physical Crystal in Xayr Falls. It is said that mysterious beasts and creatures roam the mountains at night, so participants are urged to stay on the path laid out from the valley to the crystal. How the pairs choose to spend their night is up to them, though coupling is highly encouraged. Each couple will hunt a single mountain hare and split it between them with the male eating the head and the female the back half to symbolize their role in the mating ritual.

Typically the couples will spend the entirety of the first night of the festival together in the mountains, some even coupling continuously until the sun rises. During the daylight hours of the second day they hunt and celebrate as a pack. Upon the sun setting on the second day those that choose to participate will join together and celebrate in a gathering of pleasure, togetherness, and fertility throughout the second night.

Rite of Zoldor
When a youth of the Empire reaches a year of age, they will begin the Rite of Zoldor. During this time, they will leave their mothers and fathers and journey out of the Empire. They must survive on their own for at least a full week and return to the Empire and swear their loyalty to the Emperor and Empress. During their time outside of the Empire they must prove their worth by battling a foe and returning with the heart of the creature. What type of heart they return with often determines their future within the Empire, though the creatures of The Noctua Empire believe that with the blessing of the dragons a member of the Empire ultimately may choose their own fate. Upon returning to the Empire, the youth shall present the heart to their chosen mentor. A potential Mentor must be approved by the Emperor (male youth) or Empress (female youth) and has the option to deny a youth if they wish to. If they accept, the Mentor will then eat the heart presented to them and the youth will begin their faithful training beneath them. Typically this coming of age ceremony will happen as a youth comes into sexual maturity, and will often take place almost directly before the Genesis Festival.

Night of Paradox
During the summer months, the Empire celebrates the Dragon Paradox through the Night of Paradox. During this time, roles are abolished and chaos reigns. However, there is limitation and order even to this festival to an extent. Slaves become equals to their masters, dominance may become submission, and inhibitions are often ignored. It is a time for the Empire to celebrate diversity and one another. There are often smaller celebrations among the members of the Empire, and typically these continue throughout the night. It is a single night where the laws of the Empire are still present, but perhaps not always enforced. That being said, there are still some laws that must be upheld. This is a time of chaos, yes, but also a time of peace and celebration. There are to be no deaths, major injuries, or acts that force another to do something they do not wish to do.

The Night of Paradox is about freeing oneself from inhibitions and enjoying life within the Empire. The members will often hunt together, sometimes with the slaves and servants leading the charge. They will then feast and celebrate, with slaves, servants, and youths eating first and their masters joining in after. This is also a time for gift giving, and occasionally members will celebrate their relationships and values by giving gifts of all kinds.

In the Evening before the festival the Empire will vote in a “King of the Night” who will rule as master of ceremonies for the entirety of the festival. This King’s commands must be obeyed by those participating and the King typically uses and creates a chaotic and absurd world for the Empire to enjoy their celebration.

Week of Keres
In the first weeks of Autumn, the Empire celebrates the Dragoness Keres and all of her power. It is said that she guards the door between Drift and the afterlife, and that it is she who guides and protects those that have passed on. For an entire week during this time the Empire celebrates their ancestors and the goddess Keres, often making sacrifices to her and praying that she protects them and their loved ones when they pass. It is said that the Goddess herself will sometimes appear during the last day of the festival to bestow her blessing on the Empire and those who have been there before.

The Empire will hunt together in order to honor the dragoness with as great a sacrifice as they can achieve. The Elders believe that the more powerful the creature sacrificed, the more blessings the goddess will bestow upon the Empire. Although this is a time of celebration for the dragoness and those that have passed on, this festival is taken much more seriously than the others. This is a time of honor and sacrifice, as well as to give thanks to the goddess and pray for her blessing and wisdom.