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Thread: [Diardi] Juno

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    [Diardi] Juno

    OOC account name: ( @Set )

    Character Name: Juno

    Character Gender: Female

    Character Birthdate: November 20th, 2016

    Character Species: Diardi

    Character Height: 54 inches

    Character Weight: 262 pounds

    Primary Coat Colors: Yellow and Orange

    Secondary Coat Colors: Pink and Gray

    Eye Color: Gray

    Character Class: Psychic

    Character Personality:
    Juno is quiet and withdrawn - she has always been this way even before the tragedies that struck her. Simply a thoughtful female who was and is a great listener. Though now she is bitter and prone to a short temper, having lost her humble patience due to what has happened to her. She balks at kindness yet clearly needs it and struggles to ask for help due to a self preservationist pridefulness. Se doesn't so much as have trust issues as she doesn't want to get close since the death of her mate. Her mate having made her smile and laugh with tenderness and once been playful and a little tricksterish. Perhaps with time her more playful and still young side will come back again when someone can mend her heart.

    Until then she is guarded and regards dreamers as foolish and stupidly acting like cubs. Reality is cruel and has no mercy for the lofty. She takes things very seriously and typically just wants to be left alone or so she portrays when in truth she is lonely and grieving. She doesn't like to 'fool around' and when there is a task to be done she wants it completed in a timely fashion and done right the first time. She doesn't want to get personal or know personal details, for example. Hunting is a task, not time to hold tails and giggle while chatting about the birds or the pretty flowers in the next field over. She most of all doesn't want to hear about other people's 'stories' - their challenges and joys and accomplishment. Keeping things 'politely civilized' at best.

    Character History:
    Juno and her late mate, Kaspien, were from a well off pride where their parents were friends. Their leaders were not a jealous mated pair and let male and female choose another as they saw fit whether monogamous or not. Interbreeding and bonds weren't allowed but that was never a thought on Juno's mind. She was shy when she was little but Kaspien had always been able to bring out a laugh or two in her and was the fault for the mischievous streak she eventually grew - as her mother teased him often. Their pride never stayed big, the young usually left to start fellow connected prides which was how their Diardi worked. Working together in family units to protect a singular large territory together as neighboring 'parts' of the whole pride family.

    So Juno's life was peaceful, filled with love and so much joy. She kept some of her shyness although it shifted to a reserved regalness with her age. She was still kind and loving - wise even. Her family was proud of her and even blessed her and Kaspien choosing one another as a mated pair. Not that anyone was surprised by their choice since they have been inseparable since cubhood. Their choosing was celebrated and they were blessed to leave and spread their family further into larger territory once they were ready which was when Juno found out that she was pregnant. Eager and ready for an adventure, the two struck out. They had clouds over their eyes though, because overzealousness cost Juno everything.

    A den was found, there was water nearby. Plenty of prey, Juno still had quite some time in her pregnancy but things seemed fantastic - only they had not consulted their family about the perch of land they'd decided for their own which was low in a basin and prone to flooding. They had thought they figured it out but the spring almost summer rainfall cast a tremendous storm on them. Hit by a flashflood, Juno was drowning as she was slammed into the den and trapped by the rushing waters. It took everything in Kaspien to swim with her scruff in his mouth to save her as he got her to shore only for a log to slam into him and sweep him away. She'd yowled for her mate who had commanded her to stay even as he was leaving her sight in the storm.

    It was only the desperation in his voice and worrying about getting in his way that stopped her from jumping back in as she wept there on her small island. Waiting for the night to end and the flood to recede. It took two days for her to find Kaspien's body - drowned and crushed beneath a log where she wailed his death until near starvation and a pensive instinct to feed her belly for her young forced her away from his body which he could not even bury for it being stuck under a log too vast for her to move. Since then she's been alone for a few months now, dealing with the turmoil of her pregnancy in forced solitude and anguish. Juno has been trapped in a state of just instinctual survival since the horrifying death of her mate.

    Character Description:

    Made by @Vix
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