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Thread: The Pudicitiam Dynasty [Diardi Pride]

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    The Pudicitiam Dynasty [Diardi Pride]

    WARNING: This faction and the posts within it may contain mature content.

    The Pudicitiam Dynasty is ancient in its dark ways, some animals believing that its birth was from the worst qualities of the Gods taking on a physical form and life of their own. The form of the first Rei'Ja's, seven in all: Superbia, Invidia, Gula, Luxuria, Ira, Avaritia and Acedia.

    This Diardi nation rules with iron claws and obsidian teeth. A complete and total patriarchy, although it is whispered that the first and greatest of the Pudicitiam, had been a female and the one to bring the seven together. Such ludicrous that is forbidden to be ushered or believed but still remembered all the same.

    In Pudicitiam, you are born alone and you die alone so from the first and last breath you take, you must exist only in greatness and in honor. Lest your soul wander forever alone and ashamed. Never permitted to rest.

    The Diardi of the Pudicitiam believe they are essential to life, the necessary evils of the world with the God's and Goddesses's blessings to be such.

    Where they roam and conquest, death and torment follows for they are the dealers of punishment to the weak and to the damned.

    Pudicitiam has no home, no true home. Because paradise lies beyond the putrid physical forms they've been enlisted into to serve the mighty Gods and Goddesses.

    W A R M O N G E R ' S

    Traditionally, Pudicitiam has no territories or lands to call its home except from which the Dynasty was born and is a close guarded secret - a place difficult to reach. However, the last few generations has been slow to lead the Pudicitiam across the lands spread out as far as the eye can see. They've grown lazy, have settled for meager scraps of territory that leaves the Dynasty restless and cruel without reason. Even among each other. Such a fact that has many of the traditionalist angry and ready to crack the Pudicitiam in half if it does not return to its trek of tyranny soon. A restless Dynasty means darkness for any creature nearby that just so happens to get in the craw of any of these Diardi.

    R A N K S

    U P P E R C L A S S


    The seven male leaders of the pride, the only males allowed to breed unless they celebrate Elefthería, the time where the Rei'Ja feel that new blood is needed and so their most trusted males are allowed to choose a female in the pride and take her as he pleases. The Rei'Ja's word is law, life and death for all. The Rei'Ja also reserve the right for all punishments to be dealt within the pride as they will not leave that duty to anyone but themselves because a stern stranglehold on a pride is the only way to lead. These Diardi are not only the strongest and most dangerous, they are the most cunning. The smartest or the bravest. Above all else, they survive against all odds and prove themselves worthy to carry the wrath of the Gods and Goddess's.[/quote]


    Females hold very few ranks in Pudicitiam but the Diamanti is a well-respected title that can be held by only one female among the Ruma, the harem of the Rei'Ja. The Diamanti is in charge of the health and safety of the harem and the cubs before they are weaned. She is the best of the Ruma, and whichever Rei'Ja has her - possesses the greatest honor and pride of owning her. She helps with the births. Trains new Ruma on how to serve her lords. It is the Diamanti who raises the females into respectable ranks while the male cubs are taken away to the pits for the Mersaque training. The Diamanti also has one other unique role. She alone other than the Rei'Ja. Control and manage the slavery. She makes sure everything is perfect and to all the Rei'Jas standards. Nothing happens in the Pudicitiam without her knowledge.


    The females are the jewels of the pride and above all else are kept clean and pure for their Rei'Ja. This means they do not hunt. They do not fight. They live a life of luxury at the cost of being under the mercy of the Rei'Ja who choose them specifically as their own. They produce potential heirs of the thrones.


    Heirs of the Rei'Ja can be male or female. The Rei'Ja typically cannot be brothers, fathers, or sons to one another. Each male must be his own bloodline. Being heirs makes the Diardi a priority in the pride but doesn't mean they will inherit the throne as that position must be won on one's own merit. Females currently aren't allowed to pursue the throne and instead become either healers, warriors or hunters. Not allowed to become Ruma or therefore Diamanti. This is to keep fresh blood in the pride.

    M I D D L E C L A S S


    These males have been chosen above all others by the Rei'Ja personally. There can be only two per Rei'Ja. Fourteen in the entire pride. It is difficult to become one because all Rei'Ja must agree that they are worthy. The males had to have been an Ilios first and proven themselves in combat while leading their Diardi. This position is unique and important. These Diardi have specialties. Assassin, Healing, Guardianship, Spycrafting, Tormentors, etc. Something that has caught the eye of one of the Rei'Ja and thus made them want the Diardi for special tasks. These can be advisors, spies or second in commands who possess control over several Ilios, patrol Diardi who interrogate intruders. There is even a role that is kept secret from the pride. If a Rei'Ja is infertile or only interested in males. This Diardi can secretly be the one to produce heirs for them.


    These are the 'favored males' of the pride who become generals more or less over their own regiment in the Mersaque. While they are typically chosen by the Rei'Ja themselves, these Diardi can earn the title by competing in the arenas to become champions. Whether any Rei'Ja like the male or not, doesn't matter. The rite of Katáktisi can bring a male power, status and recognition - bring him up from the slavery itself. So while they may not always be the most trusted in the Rei'Ja's eyes, they are considered highly valuable and useful.


    This is one of the most respected positions a female can have because it is her that shall feed the mouths of the pride. The head huntress, Skliros, sets up the hunts and patrols of the border. It is the Skliros who determines if a female would make a worthy warrior to protect the pride in the Mersaque should a female hunter request to change her role in the pride. Female slaves must also get the blessing of the Skliros in order to pursue the life of a soldier it not a hunter.


    The personal healer(s) to a singular Rei'Ja and his harem along with his cubs. It is rare but a Rei'Chia can be a male, although it is frowned upon because healing is believed to be left with the females. Being a healer makes a male weak. The Rei'Chia must also practice celibacy, never permitted to mate or bear young. An ancient practice was once to cut out the tongue of the Rei'Chia since oftentimes they know the deepest and darkest secrets of the pride - but the tradition has not been practiced in several generations.


    A risky but respected role in the pride that is reserved for the Diardi who have overcome all odds against them. Diardi of this position are typically disabled or elderly. They can even be female though it is rare and frowned upon. The Pudicitiam has no room for a useless mouth to feed. The weak are cast out and abandoned unless the weak rise above all others. These Diardi are advisors, trainers in other important roles of the pride. A blinded one may be useless in a fight or hunt, but their words of wisdom have never steered the pride astray. Possibly even become spies to watch their own closely, to seek out betrayal. Make no assumptions that this is a position of mercy. There is no room for error or mistakes. As soon as the usefulness is gone, the Diardi is killed. But it is quick death, that is honored rather than bashed with shame.

    L O W E R C L A S S


    The Mersaque consists of both males and females. If you are a prisoner of war, you have a choice. Join the Mersaque for a chance to earn respect and a better life or go to the slavery and be safe from death but live a life of torment. The Mersaque has a mixed reception from the pride based on their successes and failures. They are the first to fight and essentially the first to die. These soldiers are watched very carefully for flaws because there is a tally for every soldier blessed into the Mersaque by the Rei'Jas.

    The more successful a soldier is, the more respect their particular Rei'ja gains that they serve in honor of. Living a life as part of the Mersaque can essentially be your greatest triumph or your worst nightmare. You have a lot of pressure not only to succeed but to excel as well as help your entire Mersaque succeed and excel. Every weak link is found and made aware of by the whole pride. Everything a Diardi does or says while in this rank is seen and heard thus determines their future.


    The healers of the pride - always female - and considered the most valuable females even above the Rumas. They are forbidden from having mates or cubs and typically are chosen young for training so that they are pure when fully grown. The reason for celibacy is to keep biasness out of the healing dens. The Eftychias loyalty is first and foremost to the pride.


    The hunters of the pride are females and young males as it is part of their training to become a member of the Marsaque. In times of hardship, it is not unheard of for the slaves to be sent out hunting with Eleos's accompanying them. The Eleos also serve as border control and maintain the scent markers for their territory. In war on the battlefields, Eleos are forced to be scouts.

    T H E S L A V E R Y

    Slavery is not limited to Diardi and can be other species that the pride has taken hold of for themselves. Only Diardi slaves can become something else within the pride.

    Any Diardi who brings dishonor to the pride can be made a slave, their titles stripped and respect lost. Slaves have no higher or lower ranks, they are equal in that they have nothing. Their names aren't even used unless necessary because they are meant to feel as though they shouldn't exist.

    Only upper class Diardi can own slaves unless a middle class Diardi was gifted one from an upper class which is not very common. Lower class can request the use of a slave but it is entirely up to the owner on whether or not their services can be distributed.

    Slaves are not allowed to bear young, if they do - their young are killed. Oftentimes the healers feed female Diardi slaves an herb that prevents conception.

    Diardi slaves can try to work their way out of slavery and into a lower class rank of the pride. They can even pursue a middle although it's unexpected. It's completely ridiculous to think of a slave going for an upper class rights.

    Rei'Ja: Durmada, Isidore, Charon
    Diamanti: None
    Ruma: Waridi, Marjorie
    Chrysós: Ajani

    Orkízomai: None
    Ilios: None
    Skliros: None
    Rei'Chia: None
    Palaiós: None

    Mersaque: None
    Eftychía: None
    Eleos: None

    Slaves: None

    - - - Updated - - -

    A D O P T A B L E S

    Listed below are "highlighted" adoptables that are important to the pride. Follow this link -here- to see the rest of the adopts for this pride.

    Image Source

    Isidore The White
    Diardi | Male | Rei'Ja "Avaritia" | Available

    Isidore lives a life driven by greed, his every desire claimed by his wits and confidence. While Isidore is not much for brute strength, he has a way with words that could coax a rabbit straight into his mouth. His charming personality is said to unsettle even the most stoic of creatures as he truly lives the phrase of killing with kindness.

    If you are interested in Isidore, then please contact ( @Set ) to inquire about him. He has connections with the character ( @Ajani ) of whoms mother he is currently taking care of. Isidore wants to plan an overthrow of the current leadership of his pride and he's willing to use any Diardi to do such.

    His past and what drives him to do the things he does is up to you, but as long as the general summary above is followed and he plots with Ajani, he is fairly open for creativity.

    Image Source

    Durmada The Mighty
    Diardi | Male | Rei'Ja "Superbia" | Available

    All Durmada cares about is conflict, particularly the blood shedding kind. He is fierce and brazen in everything he does or says. Durmada wants the Dynasty back on the move and raiding whatever lands they feel like conquering. Hating how 'lazy' the pride has become.

    If you are interested in Durmada, then please contact ( @Set ) to inquire about him. He has connections with the character ( @Ajani ) of whom is his son. Durmada believes that Ajani and his mother Marjorie are dead.

    His past and what drives him to do the things he does is up to you, but as long as the general summary above is followed and he plots with Ajani, he is fairly open for creativity. To learn a bit more of what he is like, check out Ajani's profile.

    Image Source

    Charon, The Burning One
    Diardi | Male | Rei'Ja "Ira" | Available

    Charon rules with obsidian claws, his temper an infernal blaze that cannot be quelled. He makes Durmada seem tamed. He takes no prisoners, gives no second chances and has nearly impossible to achieve expectations. He does not get along with any of the other Rei'Ja.

    If you are interested in Charon, then please contact ( @Set ) to inquire about him.

    You can change his name if you wish, he is based off of the sin, Wrath. If you have another idea of how to incorporate that sin into his personality, I'm all ears. His history and how he became Rei'Ja is up to you. Please, feel free to get creative with him or the other males above!

    Given his coloring, I could see him being tied to Waridi's plot idea and is her father or the male responsible for taking her mother and her as slaves when she was a cub.
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