OOC account name: @Vix

Character Name: Fin Cirri

Character Gender: Male

Character Birthdate: August 25th, 2016

Character Species: Aureus

Character Height: 36 inches

Character Weight: 130 pounds

Primary Coat Colors: Blue

Secondary Coat Colors: White

Eye Color: Blue

Character Class: Kinetic - Water Elemental

Character Personality:
At first glance, Fin is the definition of kind and gentle. Though he is skilled when it comes to self defense and hunting, he prefers to take a more peaceful route to solve any problem. He is a social creature, often seeking out the company of others, and living alone is truly miserable for him. He is incredibly intelligent, though because of his upbringing he had very little opportunity as a youth to explore his mind. He will make up for it as he gets older, with his goal being to become a strong healer one day. He loves to explore, and it is rare to find him in the same place for very long. Because of his curiosities and the fact that his mind is always turning, he tends to be rather easily distracted and can often wander off or lose track of a conversation halfway through. This can get him into trouble more often than not, and it is not uncommon for him to also not realize how much time is passing during his thoughts. He has a tendency to forget things that others might deem important, for he is often stuffing more and more information into his head and losing room for everything else.

Character History:
Life began near the water. A small gang of Aureus had created a home on the coast, hidden far away from Drift. They kept to themselves, avoiding conflict whenever possible but they were also not against violence if the fight came to them. Fin was born alongside three sisters, in a litter of four pups. As his only son, Fin's father was determined that he would grow up strong and powerful. And he did, to some extent. His sisters fell easily into their roles within the group, but one of them preferred the aggressive and violent route of warrior more than she should have. Eventually their father allowed her to train with him, and soon Fin began to see his favor with his father slowly shift to his sister. But if he were being honest, he did not mind. The attention that his father gave her instead of him left him with more time to explore his own interests, and this was when he learned that he was fascinated with the art of healing.

As time went on, the group lived in peace and prospered. Another litter of siblings joined them the next season and for another year they lived happily together. Then everything changed. An earthquake, more powerful than anything Fin had ever experienced, destroyed their home. They were forced to flee, but in doing so the group was separated. Fin did what he could to protect those that followed him, as his sisters, father, and mother had been together on the other side of the enormous crack the earth had made. It took him another year to reunite with his family, but by then many things had changed. One of his sisters and his mother had lost their lives, leaving two sisters and his father. His own group had suffered losses as well, and they had all become hardened by the trials they had faced. However, when faced with the opportunity to reunite permanently with his family once more, Fin could not. Too much had changed, and he could no longer live the life he had once known. And so, against his father's protests, he left.

Character Description: