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11/08/20: A mysterious disease seems to be targeting the plant life all throughout Drift. Decay and rot is breaking down trees and small sections of forest in many different places. Meanwhile, a new pack has begun to rise within Idaith while the Assyr pride begins to falter and slowly disappear within Veyr. Winter will be upon the continent soon, but what does this disease mean for the creatures that call this place home? Mysterious sounds and small quakes seem to be happening occasionally when no witnesses are present to see their source. Could they somehow be releated to the disease or are the creatures of Drift destined to be confronted with multiple dangers when the snow begins to fall?



The skies have begun to darken with autumn rains during the day and the nighttime temperatures are starting to plummet. Mornings outside of the desert lands are greeted by frozen dew and fog, and leaves have begun to change colors and fall from the trees. Winter is quickly approaching and with it comes unknown dangers. There is strength in numbers, but what about those that have no place to call home?

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Thread: Pudicitiam Pride Adoptables

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    Pudicitiam Pride Adoptables

    The Pudicitiam Pride is dark, cruel and relentless. There are more adoptables, ones with higher ranks that are found here. In the Pride's official information page.

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    Waridi, The Lonely Rose
    Diardi | Female | Ruma | Available

    Waridi watched her mother die at the paws of the Rei'Ja when it was discovered that her mother was unfaithful and had mated with another male Diardi outside of the pride. She is the center of gossip - one of the youngest Ruma to be chosen, even more shocking she was chosen despite her past. She has a lot to overcome if she wants to survive in this pride.

    If you are interested in Waridi, then please contact ( @Set ) to inquire about her.

    You can change her name if you wish, she does need to be young and she was chosen by a Rei'Ja to be a Ruma. Part of the harem. Whether or not she consented to this, is up to you - the same with her personality and history with the exception of what happened to her mother.

    I think it would be an interesting plot for her to have to live with the very same male who killed her mother. Especially if he doesn't even remember her or what he's done to her mother.

    This potentially means that a Rei'Ja has taken his own daughter whom he had tossed aside and forgot about till she's older and finds her beautiful.


    Her mother had been a slave that was captured when her pride was overrun. Waridi was kept alive because she was female. Making her unrelated to the male who is now her mate.

    Image Source

    Marjorie, The Gentle
    Diardi | Female | Former Ruma | Available

    Marjorie is a kind, gentle older female who loves her son,( @Ajani ) more than anything else in the world. She was once a Ruma to Durmada who feared her sons growing capabilities and was likely to kill them both until Isidore stepped in. He faked hers and Ajani's death, granting them freedom. Hiding Majorie away in an enemy pride where she's been safe and happy. But she is unaware of the conditions her freedom came with that are now placed upon Ajani's shoulders.

    Isidore wants her son to take over Pudicitiam with him and destroy the seven Rei'ja in order to reshape Pudicitiam. If he does not help Isidore, then her life is in danger once more.

    If you are interested in Isidore, then please contact ( @Set ) to inquire about her.

    I'd prefer it if you didn't change her name only because Ajani is in play and thinks about his mother often. You can give her an alias she is used to going by now or wants to go by if you want. That is a potential okay reason to change it - if we can agree on a name. Her past is open to you - she is not a cruel Diardi. She's gentle and loving as her reputation name suggests but perhaps everything that has happened to her could have hardened her a little bit.

    She could have a mate now, new cubs, any kind of connections you desire. As long as Ajani is still important to her because they've been through a lot together.

    I'd adore it if she is suspicious that Isidore is hiding something from her, that she does notice that something is bothering Ajani whenever he visits her - but he won't talk to her about it which worries her.
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