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Thread: Double Entendre

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    Double Entendre

    Double Entendre

    The Reid family was the perfect family in the eyes of the public. Walter was a successful business man with power and influence. Mary was absolutely gorgeous and had the brains to go with her looks. They seemed like the perfect match, and their marriage resulted in a well-known, multi-billion dollar company. That company was called Syntax, and working with technology and health made them a prosperous company. What more could they want in life?

    Well, the couple’s business negotiation (love was never in the cards) also resulted in two other things: two sons. One was Chase and the other was Michael. Chase fit into that perfect mold, while Michael did not. He had electrifying good looks, perfect grades, multiple degrees, and was beloved by everyone. Michael had a tarnished appearance, barely got his GED, considered a delinquent, and was ignored by most people. That is quite the difference, no?

    Obviously the heir to Syntax was Chase, with his charisma, outgoing personality, and intelligence, he seemed like the natural choice. Aside from that, he was stable with a wife and son (Jane and Jase), the white picket fence, and a Golden Retriever. Michael was the backup son with no partner or kids and a beat up apartment, of which he was behind on rent. But he was charming, introverted, and mysterious, great qualities to have.

    Things did not end well, and Michael killed Chase and his family due to jealousy. Syntax closed when he was taken to jail. While all of this was going on, a secret lab was creating a cure for Cancer, but doing it unsuccessfully. The only way that Michael could get out of life in prison was to be the guinea pig for the C-360 serum. Unknowingly, humans became lion-like shifters when injected with the serum.

    Not everything is completely clear, so here we are with a blurred concept of what is the truth. Or in other words, a double entendre.

    Double Entendre is a brand new lion shifter rp that has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Members can create unique characters without having to purchase them from a store or save up currency. There is a small word minimum of three hundred fifty words, and the freedom to bring different characters to life! Come join in on the fun!


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    Re: Double Entendre

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