She was far from her pack, but that had never bothered her. She was surprised, however, that Drayton had not sent anyone to look for her yet. Perhaps she would never return. Her brother's pack was struggling, and it was doomed to fail eventually. Especially since he lied to his members constantly. However, the one that she had not seen in a long time that she truly did miss was her dragon. She sighed heavily as she walked, ignoring the heat of the sun on her back as her tail dragged lightly in the grasses behind her. Zoldor had not visited her in months, and she was beginning to believe he never would again. Her eyes closed for a few moments as she winced at the thought, but they opened once more only a few moments later. She had to move on, and she was certain that her future did not take her in the direction of the Pavorian faction. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she panted softly, her ears flicking backwards and to the side every once in a while as tiny bugs buzzed around her annoyingly.

Then she spotted the water, and nearby the shore was covered in pools and crabs. She smiled as she trotted forward a bit faster, headed towards the little creatures while her stomach grumbled loudly. There was no need for stealth here, and she was certain that her speed would be enough to catch a few of the creatures to gnaw on until she found something better. Then, much to her surprise and appreciation, she spotted something even more enticing. A seal-looking creature, pulled up and dozing in the sun on a large flat rock. It had likely fed recently and was sunbathing and resting now, and it was a perfect target for her if she managed to kill it. Though she had never taken on such a creature before, she was willing to try and see if she was capable of getting herself a meal that would likely last her for several days.

(Open to anyone!)