OOC account name: @Evie

Character Name: Celeste

Character Gender: Female

Character Birthdate: 2/14/2016

Character Species: Pegasus

Character Height: 72 Inches

Character Weight: 900 Lbs.

Coat Color: Dappled silvery brown, white mask, white socks

Eye Color: Turquoise

Character Class: Mythical

Character Personality:

True to her angelic appearance, Celeste appears sweet and innocent on the outside, demure and feminine and regal, all things that she was taught to be as a filly. Some might think her air-headed upon an initial meeting, but truly, Celeste is far from that. She is ambitious and cunning at heart, though not maliciously so, knowing that she must win hearts and keep herself in favor to ensure a comfortable position in life. She could easily be considered vain, for she knows that she is a lovely creature and is not afraid to use her looks and charm to beguile one. Despite this, there is little-to-no darkness or ill-intent within Celeste; at times, she can even be unknowingly na´ve, and harbors a jealous streak that she is not very adept at hiding.

Character History:

Celeste was born to parents who rigorously expected mares to know their places in the world: the were to be obedient, alluring and beguiling with the ability to captivate a male while keeping him on his hooves, demure and lovely and soft, all things pure and sweet. But unknown to Celeste's father, her mother taught her another set of secret skills: she was to use her beauty to her advantage, was to be smart and cunning, always one step ahead. It was something that Celeste struggled with as a filly; she saw the world through rose-colored lenses, and it was difficult for her to reach the level of ambition that her mother strived for. In the end, Celeste ended up somewhere firmly in the middle of her parents ideals, and when at last she set out on her own, it was with the pair's blessing.

Character Description: