The sun shone brightly, the winds blew softly, and birds sang quietly in the trees that surrounded Rux Creek. High above the land below white feathered wings spread, stretching out wide on either side of the large male pegasus as he soared towards the water. His brown mane whipped around his neck and shoulders as he flew, but before long he dipped his head lower and bent his front legs to bring himself down or a landing. Dark hooves made contact with rich soil and grass as he trotted and stretched his wings up over his body before tucking them neatly back in against his sides. His long tail twisted through the grasses behind him as he moved to the water, only coming to a stop when he lowered his head to drink.

The water was cool and refreshing, and after several moments he lifted his head and shook it slightly. It took a moment before his mane settled around his ears and neck, with several strands of hair falling to the side of his face to show of intense dark brown eyes as he looked around. Nostrils flared as he breathed in the scents around him, making sure that there were no predators nearby. Then he moved, stepping away from the water and moving closer towards the pastures before lowering his head to graze. But he could not stand still for long, and was soon moving further from the creek once more. He was restless to start his real life, to begin a herd of his own and to claim part of Drift for himself. But he knew that the territory he stood in was off limits. He did not know how, but somehow he knew he could not have this stretch of land to call his own. But it would do to spend time there now, grazing and trying to relax as his mind wandered to the possibilities of nearby territories instead.

( @Celeste )