High fantasy wolf rp
Relaxed character creation, easy joining
Multiple packs to choose from
Plot Challenges and lively community
Active Discord community

What is Akrasia about?

The land of Kalonia is a place where wolves reign supreme, full of magic and wonder. But many fear that the world will once again be destroyed by Akrasia - a 'failing' of the magical willpower that fuels magic and the lifeforce of the world. The once lush continent of Kalonia has suddenly become gray and lifeless. Only the strength of the pack can restore the land. Which pack will you call home?

a noble pack bound by bloodlines
finds themselves on the brink of civil war as long-time beliefs and traditions are challenged from within.

a warrior pack that worships the goddess of death
is suddenly overrun with angry spirits and struggle to find a solution.

a sea-faring pack of merchants and thieves
calls its members to their homeland once again after finally overthrowing a tyrant leader.

What awaits the wolves now?
Will you embrace the challenges the world throws at you?
Or will you crumble and succumb to Akrasia?