It seemed as if Drift's rotation had slowed. The summer was a longer one than he had been used to in the past, and though he was enjoying the light breeze that blew through his mane, the heat of the sun on his back was becoming a pain. His hooves crushed small clumps of grasses as he moved in the direction of a single tree in the pasture nearby, an audible sigh escaping his mouth as he was engulfed in the cool shade. The stallions form visibly relaxed as his head lowered once more, lips parting to nibble and pull at the fresh grass beneath him. It was cool and slightly wet from the morning dew, and he closed his eyes to enjoy the moment of peace. Life had been slow and boring as of late, but that did not mean that there were no interesting possibilities in the world around him. Drift was full of surprises, and he knew that sooner or later something would pop up to catch his interest.

But he was lonely, and it had been far too long since he had last seen another of his kind. There were other equines here and there on his travels, but he was unique. Suddenly a sound behind him made his ear flick backwards, his tail swishing quickly while his head lifted to look around. He saw nothing at first, but he knew better than to assume that there were no dangers here. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared, and with a deep snort he nearly spat out the taste of what he knew to be a predator's scent. But thankfully, it seemed only one creature dared to challenge him today. He kicked a front hoof out at the ground, an obvious threat that he did not know would come across as such. Then he saw it. The faintest hint of movement in the grass nearby, and he turned to face the creature boldly.

A deep hiss was the first sign of an attack, and within seconds there was a large feline body leaping at him with claws extended. He reared, kicking out his hooves and spreading his wings to show off how truly dangerous he could be. It seemed as if the cat had not expected such a confrontation and as his hooves struck paws and a shoulder, the creature twisted midair. It was perhaps the only thing that would save the feline's life. It cried out in pain as it landed on a paw that had been struck, and instead of turning on him again, it slunk off into the grass to tend to it's wound. He snorted loudly again, rearing once more just for good measure before he allowed himself to settle, his wings flapping once or twice beside him and then folding to tuck neatly back against his sides once more.

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