Alright everyone! All of my characters need plots! Check out the list below and let me know if you see anyone that you'd be interested in threading with. I'm up for just about anything with all of them, so I'm not going to list plot ideas, just all my characters and a brief summary of their personality.

Blythe - Vulpes
Quiet, thoughtful, calculating, manipulative. Blythe is incredibly intelligent and very slow to trust others. She prefers to remain a mystery and definitely does not lack confidence in herself and her abilities.

Cronus Noctua - Lupus
Strong, cocky, charming. Cronus is mated to Myrina (played by Susy) and has recently created The Noctua Empire in Idaith.

Fin Cirri - Aureus
The definition of sweet and friendly. Fin is a little angel and is always going out of his way to help others. He's currently watching after the young Goddess of the Air.

Freya - Lupus
Manipulative, sneaky, dark. Freya likes to have fun, and is not afraid to do so at the expense of others.

Genesis - Origin Dragon
One of 4 origin dragons. The goddess of life and beauty. Can shift to any form. She is friendly and also ferocious at the same time.

Kieron Roa - Lupus
A proper gentleman. Lawful Good personality and the definition of loyal and charming.

Mint - Diardi
Young female just learning about being on her own. Part of the Assyr pride, shy and quiet mostly. Slowly coming out of her shell.

Rhydderch Hael - Pegasus
The definition of a "bad boy". Devious and selfish and always on the lookout for self pleasure and entertainment.

Vaelfar Fel - Lupus
There is, perhaps, not a single nice bone in Vaelfar's body. Although not the most talkative creature in the world, it is rare that his intentions and desires are not known. In fact, he is quite talented at pushing his own wants and needs on others, for he is the most important lupus first and foremost.

Vedeir - Dragon (God of the Earth)
Young, learning, powerful stoic. (Currently in Myrina's care)

Vixen - Aureus
Vixen is a complicated little female. She adores attention and will often seek it out at every opportunity, but she also has a tendency to be overly cautious at times.

Vox - Diardi
Playboy, loves attention, easily distracted and easily bored. Pride male of Assyr.

Zero - Aureus
Shy, submissive, quiet. Very obedient and perhaps a bit of a masochist.