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Thread: Origins

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    In the beginning there was darkness.

    The world of Drift began far from the land of Earth. A small planet, tucked in a far away galaxy orbiting a small sun similar to that of Earth’s developed over millions of years to sustain life. No one knows exactly how the species and life began to develop here, but over time three different dominant species began to evolve and grow in this paradise of a world. The Mythics were the first to develop, in the form of dragons, pegasus and hippogryphs. They were rare and small in number, but they aided in developing the world we now know Drift to be.

    But then something crashed to the planet.

    Crystals, massive and glowing faintly, fell from the skies and altered the massive land mass into several different continents. The crystals, however, had landed on the main continent. This large stretch of land came to be known as Drift by the creatures that lived there, and overtime these crystals began to develop changes among them. The Blue crystal came to be known as the Psychic Crystal as those that were born and created near to it developed Psychic abilities. The Green crystal came to be known as the Kinetic Crystal as those were born and created near to it developed Kinetic abilities. The Red crystal came to be known as the Physical Crystal as those that were born and created near to it developed unique Physical abilities.

    Every species, however, seemed to have an affinity for one of these three ability categories.

    The Lupus, Beiti, and Dragons are predisposed to Physical abilities because of their ancestral proximity to the Physical Crystal. The Aureus, Aurata, and Hippogryphs are predisposed to Kinetic abilities. Finally the Vulpes, Diardi, and Pegasus are predisposed to Psychic abilities. Because of their heritage and ancestral development in close proximity to the three crystals. Those that were created before the great shift obtained their abilities from the crystals themselves, finding that the closer they came to their crystal, the stronger their abilities became.

    Over time, the species began to develop factions and groups.

    Conflict and prejudice developed quickly, driving both the species and the three classes apart. They clustered in the lands around their crystals, and only when the three moons aligned in the sky perfectly did they call a truce to allow peace for a pilgrimage to the crystals. Because not all classes were allowed to live in close proximity to their crystal, this time allowed them to redevelop their connection with their affinities and strengthen their powers. However, outside of this time - which happens once a year - groups persistently defend their claimed territories and rogues wander and search for a place to call home.

    But will this tradition last?
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