Character Name: Freya

Character Gender: Female

Character Birthdate: 09/01/2015

Character Species: Lupus

Character Height: 35 inches

Character Weight: 100 pounds

Primary Coat Colors: Black, Grey, White, Brown

Secondary Coat Colors: Yellow, Purple, Red, Cream

Eye Color: Blue

Character Class: Physical

Character Personality:
Freya is a complicated little female. Upon first glance she is submissive, shy, and quiet. She likes to let others take charge often and prefers to avoid the spotlight. However, all of this could not be further from the truth. The small female is a talented actress, a master of manipulation and lies. Where she acts like she is scared or nervous, it is typically a ploy for any kind of attention that she can get. She craves the attention of others, to be the center of attention in almost every aspect of the lives around her. This behavior started early, and luckily for her she had a brother that was perfectly happy using her and her sister at any opportunity. She played the perfect toy, the perfect little pet even though she knew exactly what he had planned. She was taught at a young age to do whatever she could to grab the attention of others, regardless of whether someone believed it to be wrong or right.

In her mind, there is no such thing as wrong or right. Only that which feels good and is exciting at the time. On her own she is adventurous and daring, but around other she prefers to be 'controlled' over being in charge. She has no ambitions of being powerful and leading a pack of any sort, but she does have a strong desire to be needed and wanted no matter where she goes. Another trait she picked up early - likely thanks to her brother as well - was the fact that she enjoys pain. Perhaps it stems from her early need to be wanted and needed and the rather aggressive and overzealous preferences of her brother, but she has fallen quite deeply down the pit of masochism. She still cares for her life, for it is more important to her than just about everything else, but she does take pleasure from pain now and then.

She is incredibly intelligent, and while others are using their size and teeth to get their way, she carefully calculates and schemes and using her pretty features to get what she wants. Sometimes it is all too easy, and she even managed to convince her brother that she was helpless and desperate when she followed him from their pack. But that, of course, was far from the truth. She managed to convince their sister quickly to join them, and she not only had her siblings to entertain her and to enjoy, but soon her egotistical brother even began to use her and her sister for benefits and favors from others. Some may call her strange for enjoying these attentions, but as her life went on she learned that she was often much smaller than those of her species and it was far easier to get what she wanted through her manipulations and lies than it was by attempting to overpower someone. After all, she was and always would be one to work smarter, not harder.

Character History:
Freya was born from love, from care and devotion, and had everything going for her from the start. Her parents adored her and her siblings, and they hardly ever wanted for anything. They were taught how to survive, how to hunt, how to live within a pack. Freya learned early on, however, that Drayton was the strongest of their litter and he was nothing like their parents wanted him to be. Then again, their other brother was a force to be reckoned with, which their parents did recognize early. It was easy for Freya to adore her family, for though she hated them all just as equally, she did love them in her own strange way. She quickly learned how to behave around each sibling and her parents, what her sister preferred and enjoyed as well as each of her brothers. Drayton was more aggressive and dabbled somewhat in manipulation, and she found herself drawn to him simply because he gave her the most practice in her acting skills. She easily convinced him that he had control over her, and there were times that she enjoyed the attention he gave her, especially if he grew violent or angry. It was fun to rile him up, as it was with her other siblings, but he was her favorite game.

She watched Drayton compete with their brother, and she actually began to grow rather proud of him as he improved and manipulated their family into thinking that he was equal to him. Until he came up with a plan. Now, Freya was more than happy to help him cause trouble within their supposedly perfect little family, but she could not make things too easy for him. She played hard to get, making it seem difficult for him to convince her to do as he wished and trap their brother in something he could not escape from. However, eventually his plan wore on and on and she grew bored once more. So, when he did finally come to her one night with a plan that any other lupus would believe wicked and wrong, she agreed quickly enough to confuse and perhaps concern him. But his confusion only brought a smile to her face. She began to go to her other brother at night, complimenting him and once again practicing her skills of manipulation and lies. She told him that she loved him, that she adored him, that he was everything she could ever want. When he finally agreed to lay with her she took ever opportunity to convince him to lengthen their time together, and soon he began to seek her out instead.

She no longer had to meet him in their secret spot, and he came to her den instead. That was the night that everything turned. She had, of course, grown bored of him, tired of his witless tactics and lack of charming personality. So when he mounted her, she struggled slightly. But only when they were tied together did she cry out. She screamed in what seemed like pain and fear, and it was only a matter of moments before Drayton appeared. He used the excuse to kill her brother, his lifeless form laying limp behind her far too quickly for her liking. It would have been more fun to draw things out a bit, but she supposed that their parents would have heard her screams anyways. She did manage to pry herself away from her deceased brother and easily played the role of terrified and traumatize little daughter. She fell into step easily as their parent's protected now, playing things off as Drayton manipulating and confusing her instead of the other way around. She mourned her brother perhaps a bit too enthusiastically, and when the day came that Drayton was shunned from their family, she was certain that she had to follow him. Their parents were dull and boring, and though they had served their purpose, she no longer needed them.

She denied that Drayton had been the cause of everything, blaming everything on their dead brother and following her living brother from their home. It was easy to convince her sister to join her, for she had attached herself very carefully to the other female from the very beginning. They followed him for years, allowing him to 'manipulate' them and use them for his own benefit. She enjoyed the attention, though, and she allowed herself to even fall into the role of submissive completely until he finally grew tired enough of them to sell them off for access to a pack's territory. That was the last time she saw her brother, and for quite a while she was disappointed in losing his attention. He was always fun to rile up and watch him rage and abuse her and others, but she and her sister had a new life. They were to be breeders for the pack that he traded them into, and Freya fell quickly into her place among them. In fact, it was not long before she was pulled away from her sister more and more frequently and used for the pleasure of both males and females alike, for she could be herself around them.

They did not need abuse her or belittle her like Drayton did. She did all they asked willingly, and a small few of the males and a single female easily discovered how she drew pleasure from pain. They gave her all that she wanted and needed, and for quite some time she provided them with pleasure, comfort, and pups. But one day the pack was attacked by another. Their forces were stronger now because of Freya and her sister and the litters they had produced, but they were not enough to win the war they had been waging for years. The sisters were chased from the territory by the pack, sent away in case they survived and could use them to repopulate when the war was over. For weeks they remained on the edge of the pack territory, and regardless of how her sister pleaded and begged her to leave, Freya remained and waited. Eventually, though, the pack's border became covered in the scent of the others. They had lost, and her home was gone. She finally allowed her sister to lead her away, and for a time they traveled together, two females using their abilities and their beauty to survive without a male for the first time in their lives. But soon they were separated anyways. She never knew what became of her sister, but she had noticed over many nights before her disappearance that she was slipping away into the night. One morning she simply did not return.

Desperate for the companionship and attention, Freya remained for several days to see if she would return. But she never did. So Freya moved on, her nose to the ground as she followed her brother's faint scent towards the crystals. She had never seen them, but she was growing more certain that she felt different the closer she came to them. When she did finally approach one of them she felt pain surge through her entire body, and from that moment on she felt different, stronger. It was a power she had never experienced before, and she found that she liked it. Her ears grew larger, her tail longer, and her claws more strong and powerful. She began to teach herself how to fight, and over time she grew better and better. She was still small, but she was fast, and the longer she trained, the more powerful she became. But she was still lonely, and as she traveled alone, she began to find others to lay with from time to time to take whatever pleasure she could get. But none of them compared to what she had before, and she abandoned every one of them far too quickly.

Character Description: