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Thread: Assyr [Diardi Faction]

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    Assyr [Diardi Faction]

    A S S Y R

    Assyr is not a pride of the old world. Vox grew up in a large pride, run by his ancestors for generations. His fathers were powerful and strong, and his mother was a prized Diardi female among them. It was when he was young that Khazza was pulled into the group by one of the females. Although his fathers were not pleased with the addition of yet another male, they allowed him to remain with them until both young males were old enough to begin to show interest in the females. This was when the pair - who had bonded throughout their youth - struck out on their own and created Assyr.

    Assyr is not for the faint of heart, for although their leaders are strong and intelligent, darkness lies all throughout Drift. The pride remains close to their crystal, but not all members of the group boast psychic powers. They are forced to cooperate with the tradition of peace once a year, in order for their members that are not of their species affinity. Though some among them may be peaceful and friendly, others are deadly and dangerous and best respected and avoided. Their territory is frequently marked and patrolled, and though they can be fierce and threatening, it is all for the good of the pride. Assyr's members are loyal and bonded through blood and trust, and there is little that can stop them from backing down from what they believe in.

    R A N K S

    King: This rank is reserved for the leading males of the pride. Although they may allow other males to join Assyr, the king is the only male that is allowed to breed without repercussions. Only the King's offspring may inherit the pride, and it is not uncommon for male offspring to be expelled from the pride when they become physically mature. These Diardi are the first and last line of defense for the rest of the pride, and though others may fight alongside them in defense of the territory and members, they are the strongest and most dangerous creatures by far.

    Chief: This rank is for the King's most trusted. This may be a male or a female, but this Diardi is often just as fierce and powerful as the Kings themselves. They are incredibly loyal, and would lay down their lives to protect their king and pride. They will be solicited by the Kings for advice and information often, and therefore often have a very close and sometimes intimate relationship with the pride's leaders.

    Tamed: This rank is often held by males that are allowed into Assyr and have sworn their lives to serve the King. They are often castrated - though not exclusively - in order to ensure their only goal in life is to serve the best interest of the pride and their king. These males will provide any service required of them, and because of their intimacy with the Kings and Chief they often are involved in discussions and ideas for the pride's safety and future.

    Scion: These are the offspring of the King. They are the most valuable young in the pride and when the time comes for a King to step down, a single male is often chosen to step up into their rank. Until they are old enough to defend themselves, Diardi in this rank are protected fiercely not only by their mothers, but also by the Kings, Chief, Tamed, and the rest of the pride. Occasionally, the Kings may allow the Scion to obtain a Tamed of their own, though this is a fairly rare occurrence.

    Consort: This rank is reserved for the King's harems. These females will not only provide intimacy for the Kings of Assyr, but they will also produce the Scion. They will be the ones to carry future generations of Kings into Drift, and they are honored for their purpose and duty in life. These females are respected greatly among Assyr, and they are not to be touched by any others within the pride. The price for such a crime is banishment or death. These females also provide healing and assist one another in birthing and raising young.

    Warrior: Though it is typically the job of the Kings to protect Assyr, they will occasionally enlist powerful females and occasionally males to aid their cause. These Diardi are dangerous and deadly, and it is their purpose in life to destroy any threat to the Kings and the rest of the pride. These creatures are often the ones that will run patrols and will be on the front lines during war times, and they are often the largest and most formidable Diardi within Assyr.

    Hunter: Mostly made up of females, this rank's sole purpose is to hunt and provide for the pride. Without them Assyr would starve, and therefore they are respected and honored. Hunters are strong and fast, both of which are required for taking down the many different types of prey that the Diardi feast upon. Although it is the King's right to eat first, when they are not present it is still the right of the Chief, Scion, and Consorts to eat first in order to respect the hierarchy of the pride.

    Slave: This rank is for those that have not earned the respect of Assyr. They are often pets or prisoners, creatures that are not necessarily of Diardi descent that are used for many different numbers of duties. They may be kept as single slaves for higher ranking members, or as a group for the pride as a whole. Although their rank is the lowest in the pride, they are often cared for well as they provide great services to the members. That is, unless they have committed a heinous crime, then their lives are often not so pleasant.

    King: Vox
    Chief: None
    Tamed: None
    Scion: None
    Consort: Mint
    Warrior: None
    Hunter: None
    Slave: None
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    Re: Assyr [Diardi Faction]

    Assyr Adoptables

    Name: Up to Adopter
    Gender: Female
    Age: at least 2 years
    Rank: Consort

    Name: Up to Adopter
    Gender: Male
    Age: At least 3 years
    Rank: Tamed or Warrior

    Name: Up to Adopter
    Gender: Female
    Age: Up to Adopter
    Rank: Consort, Hunter, or Slave


    If you are interested in adopting one of these Diardi, please send a message on the site or on Discord to @Vix with an rp sample, a personality, and your future plans for them. These will all start as a part of the pride, so you will not need to have them join the pride once they are made!
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