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Thread: Pavorian

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    P A V O R I A N

    WARNING: This faction and the posts within it may contain mature content.

    Pavorian was created as a form of protection from the gods and their monsters. It is more of a religion than a collection of creatures, and all different species are welcome. It is believed that the gods and the monsters they created can be cruel and dangerous if not appeased, and only through strict belief and faith in the Pavorian ways can they be truly satisfied. The Seer protects the creatures in his faction, choosing sacrifices from among them to buy favor with the gods and to keep their monsters at bay. It is truly an honor to be chosen as a sacrifice, and though typically the first born are chosen, it is not rare for an adult to be chosen as a special sacrifice as well. Because of these creatures, the members of the Pavorian faction live in peace and are safe from harm. There are many ways to earn the love and safety they provide, as one must believe in the gods, their monsters, and their mercy for those who sacrifice. All are safe here, as long as the gods are satisfied.

    The ranks of the Pavorian faction are not necessarily ones to be messed with. The majority of the faction is full of powerful and strong creatures, and only the best of the best are chosen for sacrifice. Beauty and strength are valued here, and though females are viewed as lesser creatures, they are still valuable among the faction. Their purpose is to serve and to produce sacrifices to the gods, both of which are essential for the group's survival and prosperity. If the gods and their monsters are not satisfied, then hell on earth will reign and there is nowhere safe to hide from their wrath. Those who leave, will be condemned to death if they ever return...if they manage to get away in the first place.

    R A N K S

    Seer: This is the pack's leader. His word is law, and he protects the pack from the gods and monsters that only he and the Oracle can converse with. It is his duty to choose sacrifices and ensure they are given to the gods, and in return he requires total loyalty, respect, and adoration from his followers. He is truly a gift to the Pavorian canines, for without him they would surely be destroyed by the gods and the monsters they created. This is typically a male role, and though he may choose a specific female or a harem, it is his right to do whatever he pleases with any member of the pack. Lower ranks may not refuse him, and to be chosen for his attention is a great honor. Only a chosen offspring of the Seer may inherit the pack when he steps down, and they must - of course - have the sight.

    Champion: The Champion is the "best of the best" and he will maintain the highest ranking role beneath the Seer. He aids the Seer in choosing sacrifices to the gods, and is only outranked by the Seer himself. The offspring of the Champion are the greatest sacrifice to the gods, and such a sacrifice will provide months of prosperous life for the Pavorians. However, the only greater sacrifice is the Champion themselves, though this is a fairly rare occurrence. No female may refuse the Champion, not even the Oracle if he chooses her at the time. The Champion is not chosen by the Seer, but the gods themselves and is to be honored, adored, and respected by everyone within the pack.

    Chosen: This rank is reserved only for the Seer's chosen heir. This is always a male offspring of the Seer, and they must possess "the sight" in order to take over the pack once their father steps down. It is rare that a chosen steps up into the Seer role, as the Seer is all powerful and chosen by the gods to communicate their will. This rank is a highly honored and respected one, as this male will be the future protector of the Pavorian pack.

    Oracle: This rank is for the female that communicates with the gods. This is typically a role that is closely tied to the Seer and may be intimate as well. They are rarely touched by any other than the Seer or Champion, however if they choose to couple with another they cannot be refused. Their rank is the highest female rank of the pack, and though she is not as highly respected as the Seer, she is very valuable and is treasured by the pack as a whole.

    Traustr: This rank is reserved for the Seer's trusted. They are typically controlled directly by the Champion, though the Seer may overturn any decision at any time. These males are the most valuable in the pack below the Champion, and they are often privy to the Seer's thoughts and decisions at any given time. They are chosen by the Seer, but their value comes from the gods themselves. They may choose any female from the Gifts whenever they please, and this role alongside the Seer, Champion, and Chosen are the only males that may touch them. These wolves will also be the ones to escort the sacrifices to the gods, and they must be strong, powerful, and typically handsome to fall within this rank.

    Gifts: This rank is reserved typically for females only. The females within this rank are chosen by the gods as gifts for the higher ranking males of the Pavorian pack. They are beautiful and obedient, and used for many purposes among the high ranks. They must do as they are told, and they may not refuse any high ranking male that chooses to enlist their services at any time. The only exception is the Seer, as he can choose any female at any time and his choice overpowers any other male in the pack.

    Avarie: This rank is for males only, and contains the majority of the males within the pack. The Avarie are charged with patrols, protecting the borders, and guarding the pack's females - especially the Gifts. They are often the first line of defense, and are typically large and strong in order to fulfill their rank's duties. Though they are considered middle to low ranking, they may still choose any female from the Sclava rank at any time if they choose. The Gifts, however, are off limits to them. These males will also be the ones to scout other groups and factions, as well as potentially leave the pack's lands for food if necessary.

    Avaria: This rank is for the female healers of the pack. These females, though middle to low ranking, are considered valuable and are often untouched by many males within the pack. Their role is to provide healing and uphold the health of the pack at all costs. They are often beautiful and desired, but also very skilled in their craft and not quite as obedient and submissive as the Sclava. Though they cannot refuse a male of higher ranking, they are often left alone by the Initiates and often ignored by the Sclava unless they are requested specifically to provide assistance.

    Initiate: These members have been within the Pavorian pack for the least amount of time. They are typically the hunters of the pack, and they are often sent into the forest to search for food and their lives and the least valuable. If they do not return they are not searched for, and their rank is highly disposable. This role is for males only, and the Sclava are the only ones that are ranked below them. These males may use any female from the Sclava rank if they wish, though any female above their rank is considered untouchable.

    Sclava: This rank is given only to the lowest females in the pack. They may not refuse the advances of any male within the pack, and are typically used for many different purposes. They will also hunt for the pack, and they are the lowest ranking in the entire pack. They are often desired, as well as beautiful and sought after by many wolves in the pack - especially since the Gifts may not be touched by anyone other than the highest ranking males. The Sclava are not to be disregarded, however, as they provide a valuable service to the pack as a whole. They appease the males, rid the pack of tension, and provide food and comfort to everyone within the ranks above them.

    Seer: Drayton
    Champion: None
    Chosen: None
    Oracle: Freya
    Traustr: None
    Gifts: Zero
    Avarie: None
    Avaria: None
    Initiate: None
    Sclava: None

    R I T U A L S

    Champion's Birth
    When a new Champion is chosen, there is often a celebration and a ceremony to usher the male into his new role of honor and power. Only the best of the best are chosen as Champion, and though some may not hold the rank long, it is the highest beneath the Seer. After the new Champion is chosen, there will be a feast where the higher ranking members will eat first and feed those beneath them as they see fit. The Champion is the first to eat, and will often share his own meal with a Gift of his chosen. This chosen Gift will be his without interruption for the entirety of the day, and typically there is a coupling ritual for those that are honored enough to be present. The Champion will show a display of his power and prowess by mounting his chosen Gift before the faction, and when he is finished he may either choose another Gift or retire to his den with his initial Gift for the remainder of the day. During this time the Seer and Oracle may visit the Champion, to celebrate privately with him and their Gifts, which they may offer to him for the remainder of the night as well.

    First Born Sacrifice
    Occasionally during the birthing season, the Seer will choose a first born offspring to be a sacrifice to the gods and their monsters. This youth will be taken from their mother at any age, and as this is an honor, the mother and father may not protest. The young will be taken into the jungles by either the Champion or the Traustr, where they will be sacrificed for the good of all Pavorians. It is believed that the family of the sacrifice will be blessed beyond imagining, and it is rare that a family would be angered by their young being blessed in such a way. Only the best of the best are chosen, and therefore many males will choose the most beautiful female they can find in order to produce young for such a great honor.

    A Gift's Blessing
    Although the rank is adored and blessed with beauty, it is difficult for a female to reach into the rank of Gift. First she must be chosen by the Seer, who has spoken to the gods about her and her future with the faction. In order to be chosen she must be beautiful and desirable, and it is not uncommon for many males to have already sought out her company. Once she is chosen, she will be taken to the shrine for her acceptance of her role and duties. There she will be joined by the Traustr, Champion, Chosen, and Seer, where she will be introduced to her role by whoever wishes her company. She will lay with many males in that time, so a strength and stamina is required for such an adored role. Once she has been blessed by the higher ranking males of the pack, she will be chosen by a single male of the Traustr (or by the Champion or Seer himself), to retire with for the night. Throughout her time as a Gift, however, she will answer to the call of any male ranking Chosen or higher without protest.
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