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Thread: Forum Attribution Master Post

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    Forum Attribution Master Post

    Below are all of the sources for the images in our sub-forums!

    Ry’al River in Zokor

    Dravath in Zokor

    Inarros Valley in Zokor

    Lekoei Springs in Zokor

    Rysh Beach in Alar

    Vaikom Wastes in Alar

    F’dilea Shaza in Alar

    Kryndran in Alar

    Kraidim Volcano in Treakr

    Elunn Prairie in Treakr

    Drakejaw Cave in Treakr

    Shadar Fortress in Treakr

    Paradox Cliffs in Vaess

    Orik Forest in Vaess

    My’eth Rock in Vaess

    Draet Wetlands in Vaess

    River’s Edge in Tai’ako

    Zakel Pastures in Tai’ako

    Rux Creek in Tai’ako

    Nyllak Moorlands in Tai’ako
    Voakl Swamp in Kry’im

    Malai Bay in Kry’im

    Fraem River in Kry’im

    Raell Lake in Kry’im

    Arethan’s Edge in Arak

    Genesis River in Arak

    Burr Highlands in Arak

    Orai Hills in Arak

    Zoldor’s Gift in Nairre

    Aniran Desert in Nairre

    Rameth’s Shadow in Nairre

    Kaenn Valley in Idaith

    Aeles Woods in Idaith

    Idyph Lake in Idaith

    Xayr Falls in Idaith

    Sikroc Coast in Raivor

    Areak Hills in Raivor

    Taseth Pass in Raivor

    Kaiss Ridge in Raivor

    Idet Dunes in Daikr

    Daek Islands in Daikr

    Nalai Foothills in Daikr

    Alos Cliffs in Daikr

    Arizin Forest in Eros

    Isthmus in Eros

    Enok Caves in Eros

    Croaz Islands in Eros

    Elaer’s Tears in Idar

    Laeri Caverns in Idar

    Naexar Beach in Idar

    Taik River in Idar

    Idoath Lagoon in Aro’ax

    Kaeto Pass in Aro’ax

    Adesi Caves in Aro’ax

    Raika’s Edge in Aro’ax

    Watering Hole in Veyr

    Drokath Wastes in Veyr

    Traez Hill in Veyr

    Kaevoh Fields in Veyr

    Ilou’av in Raeth

    Or’t Chasm in Raeth

    Xaeylax Desert in Raeth

    Drouk Isle in Raeth

    Raeso Beach in Kair

    The Archipelago in Kair

    Kanileth in Kair

    Vai’el Tundra in Kair

    Eiaill Caves in Thelos

    Xotai Forest in Thelos

    Alok Shrine in Thelos

    Rasai Stream in Thelos
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